How to Join a ResearchKit Health Study

How to Join a ResearchKit Health Study

Those with Parkinson’s, diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and asthma can participate in medical research right from their iPhones through Apple’s ResearchKit to help create more effective treatments for their diseases. Through the use of free apps, participants can help doctors and scientists gather data to research how they can better diagnose, treat and prevent disease. Not all the apps require that a user have the particular disease. When the user grants permission, the apps can access data from the Health app, along with any other information the user includes. Participants are not named in the study and all data gathered will be de-identified.

The Asthma Health app by Mount Sinai, for example, tracks asthma inhaler use and symptom patterns.

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The Breast Cancer: Share the Journey app studies sleep, fatigue, and cognitive changes in breast cancer survivors to try to understand why some women recover faster than others.

The Parkinson mPower app tracks symptoms of people living with Parkinson’s disease by having them perform activities on their iPhone. Participants play memory and finger tapping games and speak and walk using the sensors in their iPhone.

GlucoSuccess and MyHeart Counts apps measures activity, diet, and medications to help researchers understand how to keep those living with diabetes and cardiovascular disease healthier. You do not have to be ill to participate in either of these studies.

To participate in these studies, download the app that pertains to your illness, tap Join Study and enter all the information requested, then tap Agree to give your consent to take part in the research study. 


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