Tech Toys for Kids: Edwin the Duck

Edwin the Duck ($99.99) is the first tech toy for kids that's made me smile (multiple times) while reviewing it. Edwin is a "friend who lives in your child’s hands and on your mobile device in the form of an animated character." By using his free app, you can use Edwin to play educational games, read stories, learn songs, and complete lessons. 

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The best part about Edwin is that as your child grows, Edwin grows with them. This handheld tech toy helps to teach problem solving skills and promote developmental learning habits. Edwin the Duck is extremely smart—he even has a built in Bluetooth speaker so he can sing songs with your child. At bed time, place Edwin in your child’s room and he will become a lullaby speaker and night light.

Edwin hums tunes, lights up, quacks, and serves as a controller for the digital Edwin in his app. Tap his tail feathers and he quacks. Shake him side to side and he does the "Edwin Shuffle." Shake him up and down to watch him fly.

Edwin App

Often times, when children gravitate towards a specific toy, they never want to put it down—including during bath time. Edwin is also water resistant, making him a fun bath time toy as well. He can also take the temperature of the bath water.

It isn’t often you come across an educational game or tech toy for kids that is fun and incorporates the latest technology, but Edwin the Duck has changed that and is truly an enjoyable way for children to learn and nurture their minds.  


  • Awesome gift for children ages 1–7
  • Interactive
  • Not quickly outgrown


  • Edwin's silicone body attracts a bit of hair and lint, so you'll have to wipe it clean often
  • Lots of app content is "coming soon," and the app is a bit slow.

Final Verdict

A night light, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, thermometer, and friend come to life—Edwin the Duck is this year's best toy yet. 

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