Survey: Apple Watch Owners Find Health Benefits

A new survey of nearly 1,000 people by Wristly found that 86 percent of the owners of an Apple Watch wear it all day, every day, and that another 12 percent wear it most of the time on most days. Only 1.3 percent reported going for several days without wearing their watch, and just three people (less than a third of a percent) said they'd stopped wearing it. In my mind, the fact that people are wearing it regularly suggests a high level of satisfaction. If people didn't find it useful, why would they wear it?

And one of the ways they're finding it useful is in improving their health. The survey found that 78 percent of Apple Watch owners are more aware of their health since getting their new watch. In addition, 78 percent of those surveyed said they stand more, while 67 percent walk more. More than half, 57 percent, said that they exercise more, and 59 percent said they make better overall health choices. Fewer than half said they had more weight loss, and less than 20 percent said they did more sports. Even so, the fact that the Apple Watch is helping some people lose weight and do more sports is significant.

The survey also found that in general, Apple Watch owners are highly satisfied with the health features. The level of satisfaction varied according to the feature, with 89 percent being satisfied with the Activity app, and nearly that many satisfied with the distance and step features. But on the other end of the range, less than half of users reported being satisfied with the third-party apps.

The survey also asked which apps and features of the Apple Watch gave users moments of delight. The Activity app was mentioned by the largest number of users, followed by the Apple's Watch's utility, its hands-free features, and its notifications & glances. At the lower end of the range fewer people credited features such as Apple Pay and Maps as giving them moments of delight.

The Apple Watch is already dominating the wearables market, and it's only going to get better. Apple has a history of launching a new product category and then continually refining that product so that it just gets better and better.


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