Starbucks Joins Apple Pay; Target Coming Soon

Soon you’ll be able to pay for a latte with your iPhone or Apple watch: Starbucks has officially agreed to bring Apple Pay to its 7,500 stores by next year. The company will be testing out the new method at select stores over the next few months.

According to MacWorld, the vast majority of Apple users whose device supports Apple Pay, don’t use it. However, there haven’t been many popular retailers implementing the payment service. Best Buy already accepts Apple Pay on its app and is rolling out in-store Apple Pay this year. Target is expected to add in-store Apple Pay soon as well. Kentucky Fried Chicken says it will have it ready by next spring. Meanwhile, Apple is also working with Square to bring Apple Pay to local businesses that rely on the app—which is a huge turning point for Apple Pay as it can now extend beyond major retailers.

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Currently, you can use Apple Pay at Whole Foods, Subway, Sephora, Panera, and other companies listed here. Companies confirmed to join Apple Pay include Urban Outfitters, Marriott, Regal Cinemas, and more.

Is Apple Pay finally making a real debut? Would you use Apple Pay regularly if it were available?

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