Stainless Steel Customizable Straws: Cool, Convenient & Eco-Friendly

Plastic straws are going extinct. Get ahead of the curve with these customizable stainless steel drinking straws by Gobudi. Whether you need a fun memento for you next big event or you're looking for something personalized for your summer vacation, these straws are sure to please. Read on to learn how to get your own set of customized stainless steel straws from Gobudi.

Improve your morning commute and reduce your impact on the environment with these customized stainless steel drinking straws by Gobudi. Each set includes two straws with matching, laser-etched inscriptions up to 32 characters long. Write your name, a favorite saying, or your contact information in case you lose a straw on your way to the office. 

Each set comes with a cleaning brush, rubber tips, and a rubber silencer to prevent annoying scraping sounds. All of these accessories come packaged inside a convenient travel bag to keep all the components together. These sleek metal straws look great, and thanks to the rubber tips, they feel great too. No need to suffer through putting your lips on cold metal with the colorful tips that give your straws a distinct appearance that, along with your customized phrase, tell everyone that the straw is uniquely yours. Whether you're buying these straws for yourself or as a gift, the laser-etched customization takes these straws to a whole new level. Gobudi's reusable straws complement most 20- or 30-ounce travel mugs. Enjoy your next fishing trip in style or look great on the beach this summer with Gobudi's stainless steel straws, an accessory that is as convenient as it is stylish

Best of all, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that every time you use your customized, stainless-steel straw, that’s one less plastic straw going in a landfill. For an eco-friendly and unique gift, you don't need to look any farther than Gobudi's stainless steel drinking straws. Visit Gobudi on Amazon and add your favorite inscription to your set of custom inscribed stainless steel straws today. 

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