ST-XS2: Fashionable True-Wireless Earbuds at Affordable Prices

If you need wireless earbuds that really work at a price that can't be beat, then you should check out the ST-XS2 wireless earbuds by Soul. Whether you're headed out to exercise or enjoy a night on the town, these earbuds are flexible, functional, and affordable. To top it all off, the ST-XS2 earbuds are weatherproof, so you can feel good about your investment. Read on to learn all about the ST-XS2 wireless earbuds from Soul.

If you worry about exposing your earphones to the elements while you jog, the ST-XS2 earphones by Soul are the solution you need. In addition to the ST-SX2’s remarkably clear 5.0 Bluetooth connection, these earphones are engineered with IPX7 standards to provide superior protection from rain, sweat, and other elements that can damage earphones. Of course, weather isn't the only hazard you face when you go out for a jog. Luckily, Soul has your safety in mind. Don’t worry about missing critical audio cues when you’re jogging in high traffic areas; the ST-XS2s make it easy to switch between noise cancellation mode and transparent audio mode with a built-in sound toggle. 

These earbuds are also a bold fashion statement, available in four colors to fit your personal aesthetic. The ST-XS2s include a flexible wingtip that discreetly secures your earbuds so you don't have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. These earbuds offer the versatility you need to listen at home or on the go in style and at an affordable price of $79.99. Get moving today with the high-performing ST-XS2 Bluetooth earbuds from Soul.

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