Spire: The Activity Tracker that Calms

There are so many different fitness and activity trackers on the market now, and most of them track similar metrics like steps and calories burned. Spire ($149.95) caught my attention by providing a more well-rounded picture of health that tracks when you’re calm and focus based on your breathing. As important as exercise is to health, I think stress does even more damage than lack of movement. Spire helps you track both and uses the Spire app to bring you back into calm with short meditations you can even do at work.

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Spire taught me that I’m pretty darn calm most of the time. Spire is programmed to notify you when your breathing indicates stress or if you should take a deeper breath. I used Spire for a solid week and on and off for nearly three weeks, but I only got a notification to relax once. The Spire app includes short meditations that range in time with the shortest being only 30 seconds. I found that to be an awesome, unusual feature since I was able to do a quick ‘reset’ for myself while at work. However, there were times when I felt stressed that the Spire didn’t pick up on. I suspect my breathing remained fairly steady, which is perhaps why the stress wasn’t noticed by Spire. I can’t say for sure. But I think the device could be even better if it read pulse and could take that metric into account as well.

Spire tracks three main areas: Calm, Focus, and Steps. You can set customized daily goals for each area and watch throughout the day as they’re completed. For me, the coolest thing was seeing how my day fluctuated between the three. For example, I’d have multiple streaks of focus while at work and a noticeable shift to calm during lunch breaks with activity streaks as I went from work to home and back.

Spire has a wireless charging station that looks lovely as well. Spire itself is a small stone shape that you can hook to your pants or bra strap. Unlike other trackers I’ve worn, it was easy to forget I was wearing Spire at all, something I really appreciate. Most of all, I feel Spire promotes mindfulness, and I think that’s an underrated factor of health. When we’re aware of our emotions and state of mind in the moment, we can begin to shift how we feel and where our minds are wandering off to. Not only does Spire help you recognize emotional or mental patterns that cause you stress, but the Spire app also includes guided breathing exercises and short meditations to help you get back to center. I hope to see more a shift in the tracking industry to a holistic approach.


  • Three tracking metrics: Calm, Focus, and Steps.

  • Easily forget that you’re wearing it.

  • Short meditations and breathing exercises for calming and focusing.

  • Easy, wireless charging.


  • I’m not convinced breathing is the only way to measure stress levels. I think a breathing and heart rate combo would take Spire to the next level.

Final Verdict:

Spire provides a more holistic approach to activity tracking. Discover the moments in your day when you’re calm, focused, and active creating more mindfulness and attention to your overall well-being throughout the day.


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