Social Media Crash Course: Top Tips for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

It’s easy to think you know everything there is to know about your favorite social media platforms, but in reality they are always evolving. New features come out with every app update, and unless you read the fine print, weeks or even months can go by before you discover them (often by accident). Here, we’ll share little-known tips for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can take advantage of the latest and greatest each platform has to offer.

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Best Facebook Tips

Save Links for Later

Facebook is no longer merely a platform for sharing thoughts and ideas—it’s also become a convenient way to pass along videos, articles, and images. Of course, you don’t always have time to read or watch content when you first come across it. If you see something in your Timeline that you would like to save for later, simply click on the dropdown icon at the upper right corner of the post and then select Save Video/Link/Post. You can access the posts later by navigating to More and selecting Saved from the list of options.

Set a Temporary Profile Picture

Along with videos, you can also set a temporary Profile Photo that expires after a set amount of time, allowing you to show support for an event or special cause. To set a temporary Profile Picture, simply navigate to your profile and tap your Profile Picture. Select Upload Video or Photo. You'll see the words Make Temporary in the lower left corner of the image you've selected. Tap it and then select the amount of time you’d like to have the picture on your profile.

Unfollow Specific Friends

Unfollowing is a great option if you want to remain friends with a person but don’t want their posts to appear in your News Feed. This is particularly useful for friends who express views you adamantly disagree with or write posts you simply find irritating. To unfollow a friend, just go to their profile, tap More, and then select Unfollow. You can also tap on the Following tab and select Unfollow from there. Now your friend’s posts will no longer appear in your Timeline—and you didn’t even have to Unfriend them!

Adjust “On This Day” Memories

On This Day is a nifty little feature that allows you to look back on posts you shared in the past. But for whatever reason, you may not like to be reminded of specific moments. Although there isn’t a blanket way to turn this feature off, you can adjust which memories you are reminded of. Simply tap on the More tab and select On This Day from the list of options. Then go to Settings (in the top right corner) and select Preferences. From here, you can select specific dates and people that you don’t want to be reminded of.

Access Hidden Messages

Have you ever had someone who isn’t your friend on Facebook try to send you a personal message (whether for business reasons or otherwise), only to never receive it in your inbox? That’s because Facebook automatically sends messages from strangers to a designated Message Requests folder instead. To access this folder from your phone, you’ll need to open Facebook’s Messenger app. Navigate to People > Message Requests. Here, you’ll likely see a long list of all the messages that have been sent to you over the years.

View Friendship

Facebook’s See Friendship feature is a fun way to be able to view your interactions with a particular friend throughout your history on Facebook. This allows you to see photos you’ve been tagged in together, comments you’ve posted on one another’s profile, and posts that have been shared with you. To take advantage of this feature, simply navigate to the profile of the friend whose history you want to view. Then select More and tap on See Friendship. Now you can scroll through the feed and view all the content that you’ve shared.

Best Instagram Tips

Manage Multiple Accounts

Most everyone has multiple Instagram accounts these days, be it for business, a pet, or for other varying interests. Thankfully, Instagram has made it easy to switch between accounts. First, create an account by navigating to your profile and selecting Settings (the little gear icon). Then scroll down and select Add Account. Once you add you’re account, you’re set! Now navigate to and from your various accounts by going to your profile and tapping on your name. Doing this will present a list of your accounts. Tap one to switch to it.

See the Posts You’ve Liked

Instagram is brimming with work from countless users, and if you enjoy browsing Instagram, then you’ve probably “liked” quite a few posts. If you’ve ever wished that you could view a collection of all the posts you’ve liked in one place, then you’re in luck! Instagram lets you do just that. All you have to do is go to your profile, select the gear icon, and then tap Posts You’ve Liked. Here, you’ll see a collection of all the posts you’ve ever liked. If you ever decide you want to unlike a post, just hit the heart icon again.

Reorder & Hide Filters

We all have a go-to filter that we love using on our photos—and you probably have a few that you hate too. Instagram lets you adjust the order of your filters so that your favorites are the first that you see while you’re editing. To do this, simply upload a photo the way you normally would. Once you reach the editing page, scroll all the way to the end of your filters and tap Manage. Now move filters up or down by pressing and holding the three bars next to a filter and moving it. You can also hide filters from here by unchecking them.

Save Photos (or Not)

Many people use Instagram as their primary photo editor. If you would like to save your Instagram masterpieces to your iPhone after editing them, no problem. Just navigate to your page and select the gear icon again. Then toggle on Save Original Photos. This ensures that your edited image automatically gets saved to your phone. However, if you use other editing apps and would prefer not to have extra images saved to your phone every time you upload to Instagram, just make sure that Save Original Photos is toggled off. It’s that simple!

Hide Tagged Photos

We’ve all been there—someone takes an embarrassing photo of you and then they tag you in it for the whole world to see. Well, you can’t exactly force your friend to delete the offending image, but you can have the tag removed. To do this, all you have to do is select the photo you want to untag yourself in and then tap Photo Options. From there, simply select Hide from My Profile if you no longer want the image appearing in your tagged photos. Or, you can select More Options and tap Remove Me from Photo to remove the tag completely.

Delete, Respond, Like

This should be intuitive, but it’s not. Many users still struggle with knowing how to manage comments on their photos. But no worries, the process is actually quite easy. To reply to a comment, simply tap and hold on the person’s name to automatically add their name to your comment. To delete a comment made by somebody else, just swipe left on the comment and hit to trash icon. And if you don’t have anything to say but want your friend to know you appreciate their comment, you can “like” the comment by tapping on the little heart icon.

Best Twitter Tips

Save Tweets for Later

If you have something interesting you would like to share on Twitter but would rather share it at a more relevant date, that’s totally possible! There are lots of third-party options for scheduling tweets, but if you want to stick directly to Twitter itself then the easiest way is to save a tweet as a draft. Simply compose your tweet and, once it’s complete, hit the X icon. Select Save Draft. Now to access your draft, go to your personal page and select the gear icon. Tap Draft. Here, you’ll see a list of all your drafts. Tap on one to open it.

Prioritize Tweets

If you have a tweet you are particularly proud of, you might want to pin that oh-so-clever nugget of wisdom to the top of your personal page. To do this, just tap on the dropdown symbol at the top right corner of your tweet and then select Pin to your Profile. You’ll be asked to confirm this change. Click Pin to confirm. Now your tweet will be located at the top of your page so that nobody misses it. If you ever want to remove the tweet from the top of your page, just tap the dropdown symbol again and select Unpin from Profile.

Refine Your Search

When you search for something within the Twitter app, two of the most basic options are presented to you: search Top Tweets or search All Tweets. To refine your search further, tap on the Refine Search icon within the search bar. Here, you’ll see a list of other options to help you narrow your search: Photos, Videos, Periscopes, News, and People. Tap on one of the options to search subjects relevant to your search term and then tap Apply. You can also tap More Options to specifically search people you follow or those nearby.

Add GIFs & Create Polls

Not only can you share your standard 140-character musings, but Twitter lets you share images, add GIFs, and even create polls. When you go to compose a tweet, you’ll notice the options listed below your tweet. Tap the camera icon to add an image from your gallery, or tap the GIF icon to make you tweet funnier by adding a GIF. You can also tap on the three horizontal lines to create a poll that you can share with your followers.

Receive Notifications

With Twitter, it’s easy for content to get pushed downstream in the endless flow of tweets, never to be seen again. However, if you are following a band or author that you absolutely don’t want to miss a single tweet from, you can choose to receive notifications when they share content. To do this, simply go to the user’s profile that you want to stay up to date with and then tap on the little bell icon. You can choose to receive notifications for All Tweets or Only Tweets with Live Video. Now when that person shares content, you’ll receive a notification on your phone.

Using My Moments

Sometimes you can’t sum up what you want to say in 140 characters. That’s where My Moments comes in. This feature allows you to view and share stories composed of a series of tweets. You can browse the collection of Moments from the Moments tab, or you can create your own. To create your own Moment, go to your personal page and then select the gear icon. Tap Moments and then select Create New. Here, you can add your own tweets, as well as add ones you’ve liked. Once you’ve completed it, tap Done.

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