So Long Samsung; TSMC to be Sole Supplier for iPhone 7 Processor

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will be the sole supplier for the iPhone 7’s processor chip, which will likely be called A10. That means Samsung is getting the boot. According to Reuters, TSMC beat out Samsung by scaling down their processors using 10-nanometre manufacturing technology. This change for iPhone 7 is said to boost performance, lower costs, and save on battery life.

Despite Samsung’s own smartphone ambitions, the company is rumored to have produced 70% of the A9 chips for iPhone 6s. Making this change a huge boon for TSMC.

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You may, also, remember the chip controversy after the release of the iPhone 6s. Samsung and TSMC both made A9 processing chips for the latest iPhone, but an early benchmark indicated the TSMC’s A9 chip outperformed Samsung’s in battery life. Apple assured us, after internal testing, that the difference was a miniscule 2 or 3 percent. However, it seems like TSMC’s 10-nanometre technology makes that difference much larger for the production of the A10 chip.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are rumored to launch in September. Which means, in order for TSMC to make all the chips for the new iPhone, the company will have begin producing the A10 chips sometime soon in order to produce 100% of all the processors by September. Rumors for the iPhone 7 include the lack of a headphone jack, flush rear camera, and no more antenna bands across its back. There’s also the possibility of a waterproof iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with dual lens camera.


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