Smartwatch and Apple Watch Sales Outpace Swiss Watch Sales for First Time

Smartwatch and Apple Watch Sales Outpace Swiss Watch Sales for First Time

Thanks in large part to Apple and the Apple Watch, sales of smartwatches outpaced sales of Swiss watches in Q4 2015, according to Strategy Analytics. Apple, Android Wear, Pebble, and other smartwatches combined to sell 8.1 million units in the fourth quarter. By comparison, 7.9 million Swiss watches were sold in the same time period. This had been predicted by Apple's Jony Ive, but the speed at which it happened is mind boggling.

Personally, I've noticed more advertisements from high-end Swiss watch makers in magazines like Robb Report, Wired, and others. My own Swiss watch, which is worth a lot more than my Apple Watch, sits in a jewelry box, because the functionality of the Apple Watch would be missed. Indeed some manufacturers of Swiss watches saw this coming and have created high-end Swiss watches that are also smart, but come with a high-end price. The combination of high quality along with the smarts of a smartwatch may be the salvation for Swiss watch makers. But Apple isn't standing still.

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