Smart Safety Gear: Top Tech for Protecting You & Your Family

In a world full of smart gadgets all claiming to benefit you, it can feel like the options are endless with every store and website jam-packed with “must-have items.” I was specifically searching for things that could provide me a daily added measure of peace of mind. Simple, smart safety items that could potentially protect me, my kids, my home, and my belongings. So, I asked myself, what will benefit me the most? What do I actually need? And what is most worth the money at its effective cost point? What I found was that I needed just a few items to give me the total confidence and peace of mind I was searching for even when I couldn’t devote my all of my time and attention to whatever they were protecting.

Tile Pro Tracker ($35)

The Tile Pro has saved me from misplacing my items more times than I can count! I keep my Tile Pro on my keys because they are easily lost. From my phone, I can easily ring my Tile Pro if it’s within a 300-foot Bluetooth range and it will play a loud tune so I can find them. If my keys aren’t nearby, and I kept my Tile app running in the background of my phone, I can view them on a map, and it will remember the last time I had them. If you seriously misplaced your items, there is always the option of activating community find. Community find uses the entire community of Tile users to your benefit. If the Tile app is running on their phone when they are near your item, it will automatically send location updates to your phone. You can also now use Alexa and Google Assistant to ring any of your things. The most convenient feature is when I have my keys but perhaps misplaced my phone instead, all I have to do is double tap the Tile button, and it will make my phone ring, even when it’s on silent.


Jiobit Tracker for Children ($99.99)

Jiobit is the world’s longest-lasting and smallest location tracker for kids. It’s durable, waterproof, and virtually kid-proof in its design. It has multiple attachment options to clip onto your child’s clothing, backpack, or shoes. Jiobit’s many top-quality features include Live Mode, which lets you stream real-time locations of your child from the Jiobit app. It looks just like you are watching for your Uber or Lyft ride to show up. It also has the option to set up a mobile geo-fence around your home and alerts you when your child is out of range.

Another feature allows you to enter locations into the app that are trusted places with your child’s various locations and times of the week where you expect them to be. For example, your trusted locations could be school, daycare, places of worship, a grandparent’s house, etc. Once your trusted places are set up, you will be notified when your child enters and leaves that location. The notifications are completely customizable, and whenever your child is in a trusted place, the device automatically goes into low power mode. Being able to watch my child on the Live Mode setting and the fact that the battery life of the Jiobit can last for up to one week on a single charge is a lifesaver for busy parents. The company offers multiple different subscription plans that have enough options that can hopefully work for every family. When it comes to absolute confidence concerning your child’s well-being, this tracker is worth its weight in gold.


InvisaWear Smart Jewelry ($129)

Ever wish you had a way to extend a discrete lifeline in a sticky situation? For example, maybe you are running alone, going on a first date, or walking to your car late at night and you are starting to feel uncomfortable. Invisawear is the perfect solution for those situations and so many others. This smart wearable comes in the form of a high-quality gold or silver plated charm that you can purchase as a necklace, bracelet, or keychain. Even if you don’t know where you are, or if you can’t speak, you can discretely send your location to your loved ones with the help of this device. InvisaWear can send a text message alert to up to five preselected emergency contacts letting them know that you are requesting assistance. And there is an optional contact 911 feature to alert police that are close to your location. All you do is pair your phone and jewelry using Bluetooth and set the app to share your location with your phone. One of my biggest worries using the product was that I would unknowingly set off the alert. However, once I got the product, I realized it wasn’t an issue at all. Upon setup, I did a test alert and determined it will definitely only go off if I intend it to. A humongous perk is that there are no monthly fees or subscriptions. It’s great to have an easy piece of tech that empowers you and could potentially save your life.


The Verizon Hum+ ($99)

The Verizon Hum+ gives you the assurance you need when you or your loved ones are behind the wheel. Once you’ve purchased the Hum+, you simply plug it into your vehicles OBD-II port (located under the steering wheel of most vehicles made after 1996), and you download the free Hum app. That’s all the setup required! Through the app, the Hum+ can alert you to potential mechanical issues in your vehicle and provide you access to a 24-hour mechanic hotline. It can also offer valuable maintenance reminders that way you never forget when it’s time to rotate your tires, get your oil changed, etc. If the Hum+ detects a crash, it will automatically send roadside assistance/police/EMT’s if you aren’t responding to the agent or ask for any type of assistance.

One of my favorite features that the Hum+ offers is the Safety Score. It can track your driving behavior, including speed, so if you have a teenager behind the wheel, you’ll know if they’re driving carefully and legally. The Safety Score goes beyond just tracking speed, however. It also tracks quick acceleration, safe breaking, and whether or not you slow down sufficiently before making a turn. It then assigns you a score based on all those behaviors. Not only is it fun to know exactly how good of a driver you are, but it’s great to use the app to point out to family members where they could improve. Now you will have objective evidence rather than a subjective “slow down.” For the younger drivers, you can also set boundary and speed alerts, that way if they go off course or drive too fast then you will receive an alert. The Hum+ app also works as a GPS not only offering route options, but it also provides real-time traffic reports and estimated drive time and distance information. There is a low $10 monthly subscription fee required with the Hum+ that goes toward emergency and roadside assistance.


Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($199)

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is an easy, cost-effective way to monitor your property. Video is accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, so you can see and speak to visitors in 1080 HD video no matter what device you have in front of you or where you happen to be. Ring sends instant alerts straight to your smartphone if motion is detected on your property, so you can see what is going on in real-time with a live video stream. With infrared night vision and adjustable motion sensors, you really won’t miss a thing. The best feature of all is honestly this product’s ease of use. It’s wireless, Wi-Fi connected, weather resistant, offers a quick-release rechargeable battery pack, and has a lifetime purchase protection plan included in your price.

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