She Loves It, He Hates It: A Couple's Review of the iPhone 6s

After living with the iPhone 6s for almost two weeks, I thought I'd share my review of the new phone as well as thoughts from my husband, who also purchased one. From speed to ease of use to 3D Touch, our opinions about the new phones couldn't be more opposite–for completely different reasons. For comparison purposes, you should know that we both switched from the iPhone 6.

Ease of Transfer

The first thing we all do is transfer our data to our new phone, right? Unfortunately this didn't go as planned for myself, my husband, or any of our friends who jumped on the first-day bandwagon with us. My previous backup was not compatible with my new iPhone (per the AppleCare Genius who I spent three hours on the phone with), and my husband's most recent iTunes backup had mysteriously vanished along with backups from the last 9 months–leaving him with a January 2015 backup to recover what wasn't saved on iCloud. The AppleCare representative he spoke with wouldn't admit to this being a known issue, but recommended that he look into purchasing third-party software to recover his lost backups from iTunes. I believe that set the stage for my husband's dislike of the iPhone 6s.

Friends had similar issues ranging from vanished iTunes backups to slow servers that took hours to download their apps and information from "the cloud." The only happy people I spoke with on that first weekend of release were those who had planned to start with a blank slate iPhone and not transfer any data.


As soon as I picked up my new rose gold 6s, the first thing I noticed was that it is super fast! I see a significant difference when switching apps and waiting for apps to open. One negative thing I have noticed, though, is that it takes longer to connect a phone call on the 6s. After placing the call, sometimes I sit for up to 15 seconds waiting to hear the phone ring on the other end of the line. Of course, this could be caused by several factors, including carrier.

My husband reports no significant difference in speed from his iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s.

3D Touch

3D Touch is something that I was a little nervous about getting used to. I thought it would be a big enough change that it would be like starting at square one again and turn me into an iPhone newbie. I'm happy (and a little disappointed) to report that there really isn't anything to get used to, but rather, you have to remember to use the 3D Touch capabilities. You can operate the 6s just like you operate the 6, or you can choose to use the 3D Touch. The only app I've found so far that forces you to use 3D Touch is Pinterest. I'd love a little angel to sit on my shoulder every day and remind me to Peek and Pop. That being said, when I do remember to use 3D Touch to make phone calls or use Messages, it's faster than if I were to click through the "old fashioned" way.

My husband? He has yet to use the 3D Touch (without me making him "try it out"), and says it's not an appealing feature to him.

Live Photos

It's fun playing with Live Photos! I love that they truly capture a memory instead of just a moment. I turn this feature off (by tapping on the yellow starburst at the top of the camera screen) when I know I'll be taking a lot of photos so I can save space on my phone, but I have it turned on all other times. It has captured some great memories for us in the time we have had it, and I can't wait to play with it some more. 

Again, my husband isn't impressed with the updated capabilities. Out of fairness, he doesn't take nearly the amount pf photos that I do, so it's not a surprise to me that he's not impressed by this feature.


  • Live photos are wonderful ways to make memories
  • 3D Touch makes things move faster (when I remember to use it)
  • Definitely faster than the iPhone 6, and light speeds faster than the iPhone 5 family


  • Buggy data transfer was a huge bummer—we are still frustrated about that
  • My husband isn't happy about spending the money for the upgrade, especially since he "followed the rules" with the backup and still lost data

Final Verdict:

If you're a tech-loving iGeek whose life motto is "there's an app for that!" go ahead and make the purchase—you'll be glad you did! If you're more of a casual iPhone user who doesn't use their phone as a mini-computer, stick with your iPhone 5 or basic 6 model.

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