Seamlessly Organize Your Life with Informant 5

You need an app that can do it all—a one-stop place for reviewing everything on your to-do list and in your schedule, easily. Informant 5 is that app. Whether you’re managing a work project with many parts or planning a dinner date, Informant 5 is the app that keeps it all organized. Whether on Mac or iOS, Informant 5 is the best calendar app on the market. With a 30-day view that far surpasses Apple’s stock Calendar and the ability to see your events and ‘reminders’ (a.k.a. tasks) all in one place, Informant 5 lets you easily create and execute projects with its fantastic task management system.

Informant 5 has a 30-day calendar view that’s actually helpful. You can create events, to-do lists, projects, and tasks so you can keep track of everything from bills to pay and groceries to your best friend’s birthday. The 7-day view in Informant 5 is my favorite, because it lays out everything beautifully with color-coding for an easy glance at the week ahead.

Speaking of calendar views, Informant 5 has a lot of them. One of the things that makes a calendar app the best in my mind is the ability to see your events and tasks in a way that works for you. Everyone is different and some people will prefer a concise daily view, while others may want a broader but organized weekly view or a grid layout of their month. Informant 5 offers six differents views, which means there’s two views for each period of time: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Informant 5 is also incredibly helpful at tracking your deadlines. Most calendar apps offer alarms that you can set to remind you of something, but very few offer the plethora of filters, which allow you to see tasks that are In Progress, Overdue, Undated, Completed Today, and more. You can also create and add your own tags to events and tasks, allowing you to keep the various parts of your life and work organized but separate.

The premium version of Informant 5 also offers weather and email integration, so you can quickly see the forecast and easily turn an email into a task. If you travel for work (or play) and have events that needs to transcend time zones, you don’t have to worry about it with Informant 5; the app will automatically manage any time zone confusion with TravelAssist. You can also set the design to Dark Mode for low light situations. And we still haven’t mentioned it all.

Informant 5 is free to try, and I highly recommend doing so. The premium version has some amazing features, but you’ll get a huge amount of value with the free version alone. If you, like me, are always on the lookout for the best calendar app, you’ve found it in Informant 5. Between the combination of events and reminders, the super helpful 30-day view, and the incredible project management tools, your most productive self is begging for this app. Get it in the App Store now.

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