Scosche Review: USB-C to Lightning Cable, Fast Charge Adapter & Audio Transmitter

Scosche, a company well known for its wireless headset line, has continued to broaden its product base by branching out into power and cable accessories as well as expanding its audio offerings. This article takes a look at the variety of items Scosche has recently released.

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StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable ($19.99)

The company's USB-C to Lightning cable is a convenient way for MacBook and other new laptop owners to charge their iPhones using their laptops. Since Apple has ditched the older USB-A ports on its newest laptops, the old USB-A to lightning adapter won't work without an additional dongle that converts a USB-A to a USB-C plug. Considering that the cost of this adapter is nearly the price of Scosche's USB to Lightning cable, it's easier to use and has fewer parts to keep track of than the adapter approach. The cable is Apple MFI certified so there are no cheap grade incompatibilities to worry about. It is also 4 feet long and provides fast charging via power supplies that support the technology.

PowerVolt USB-C Fast Charger for Home ($29.99)

Speaking of power supplies, Scosche has designed this USB-C fast charger to deliver up to a 70% charge in about 30 minutes. Given this much power transfer, you might think it is a bulky brick, but it is surprisingly small, especially when the power outlet prongs fold into the charger for easy transportability. This PowerVolt product is small enough to fit into a pocket or slim carrying case. When coupled with the StrikeLine USB-C to Lightning Cable, it makes a perfect high-powered 18W portable charging solution for the iPhone X family. 

FlyTunes Wireless Audio Transmitter ($39.99)

And finally, the most interesting product from Scosche. While not necessarily a product exclusively designed for Apple products, this audio transmitter works perfectly with Apple's Bluetooth headsets, including AirPods. The FlyTunes Transmitter essentially converts any audio devices with a standard 3.5 mm mono and stereo output headphone jack into a Bluetooth device that can transmit to up to two Bluetooth headsets simultaneously. The reason Scosche opted for the FlyTunes label is because the ideal user case scenario for the product is when flying on an airline that uses legacy headphone jacks in its seat arm rests. While you could opt to use the airline's junk-sounding cheap wired headsets, plugging in the FlyTunes transmitter will allow you to listen to the audiovisual presentations using your own Bluetooth-compatible headset. Indeed, Flytunes works with any standard 2.5-inch audio jack, allowing you to convert all those legacy wired audio products into modern Bluetooth wireless audio delivery devices. Even better, if your friend or partner also wants to listen with their Bluetooth headset at the same time, Flytunes supports up to two simultaneous connections. This can make quietly watching content on a plane or even on a living room TV with a standard audio output jack a wireless team effort.

The adapter includes both a mono and stereo 3.5 mm fold-in jacks, a 4-inch 3.5 mm audio cable to extend connectivity to hard-to-reach plugs in the back of TV's and stereo receivers, and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable to recharge the transmitter to deliver up to eight hours of continuous wireless audio content. Like the Scosche PowerVolt adapter, the FlyTunes transmitter is small enough to easily fit in your pocket and is an ideal companion product to include in your wireless audio lifestyle.

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