Roundup: Top 6 Heavy-Duty iPhone Cases for Summer Adventures

 Top 6 Heavy-Duty iPhone Cases for Summer Adventures.

Summer is upon us once again and many of us will be evaluating iPhone cases for their level of reliable and rugged protection. With vacations and outdoor adventures awaiting, now's the perfect time to take a look at some of the best options currently on the market.

Lifeproof Cases (Starting at $59.99)

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Lifeproof makes two excellent, extremely rugged iPhone cases; one being the NÜÜD, the other being the FRĒ. Both cases offer the same signature level of Lifeproof protection, keeping your device safe from dirt, and mud, snow and rain, impact and drops and full submersion. The main difference between these two sleek cases is that the FRĒ is designed for those who are extra rough on their iPhones and therefore may prefer built-in screen protection in the form of a clear plastic shield, whereas the NÜÜD offers unobstructed access to the iPhone's glass touchscreen, while still maintaining the same outstanding level of waterproof and rugged protection from exposure.

Griffin Survivor Summit (Starting at $49.99)

The Survivor Summit is the case to get if extreme shock, drop, and impact protection are what you need. It's also splash-proof, so don't worry over incidental contact with liquids. Slightly bulkier than the other options featured here, the extra heft is well justified when you consider how rugged and durable this case makes your iPhone. It's an exceptionally protective case. In fact, it's saved my iPhone from major falls on numerous occasions while I was hiking the beautiful but rather unforgiving red rocks of Sedona. At under $50, theS urvivor Summit is definitely the most economical of the cases featured here, a relevant factor that may help many of you decide.

Catalyst (Starting at $64.99)

The Catalyst has consistently been one of my favorite heavy-duty cases for years now. To look at it, one would never know just how durable and reliable it is. It looks, for all appearances, like any other, slim, stylish iPhone case. In the Catalyst case, with its clear back and minimalist sides, the elegance of your iPhone shines bright. With some of the highest spec ratings of any rugged or waterproof iPhone case on the market, the Catalyst has firmly established itself as one of the top choices for rugged protection in an iPhone case that you'll find.

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact (Starting at $79.95)

The Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact is a great protective case that incorporates some fairly advanced technology into its design. The interior of the case has what amounts to plastic cradles that serve as shock absorbing springs for your iPhone. I recently dropped my Impact-encased iPhone from well over  eight feet onto stone tile floor, and I'm glad to say both the case and my iPhone survived the crash without a scratch. The Impact also sports a built-in scratch-resistant glass screen protector designed for optimal absorption of, you guessed it, impact.


Pelican Marine Case (Starting at $79.99)

This case comes to us from one of the world's leading heavy-duty, protective case designers. Though this isn't Pelican's first foray into the iPhone case arena, it is its first waterproof, full-time-use iPhone case. In other words, (like all of the other cases here) you need never take the case off of your iPhone in order to access all of your iPhone's controls and features. Despite providing five layers of protection to your device, the Marine case is still a streamlined affair, adding the bare minimum of bulk, yet still meeting Pelican's rigorous high standards of shock protection and waterproofing.

Otterbox Defender (Starting at $41.96s)

The Defender is possibly one of the most familiar and iconic heavy-duty iPhone cases in the world. Available in a multitude of color combinations, the svelte Defender has saved the lives of countless iPhones. I know that for me, the Defender case has saved an iPhone of mine on two separate occasions, when they fell into (relatively clean, thankfully) toilets, five years apart. It's not even officially considered a waterproof case, though obviously it offers a fair level of water resistance by default. The Defender is widely available and has a design that has been hard tested year after year and has proven its merit in field trials time and time again.

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