Rokform Crystal Case: Rugged Protection with Magnetic Mount for the XS Max

You need to keep your XS Max safe, and you also need the versatility to mount, hang, and view your iPhone anywhere. The Crystal Case by Rokform comes with a built-in magnetic attraction that won’t damage electronics or other everyday items that are sensitive to magnets like credit cards. The Neodymium magnet in the Crystal Case is specially designed to secure your XS Max to any magnetic surface, safely. Attach your Crystal Case to the fridge to use your iPhone as a recipe book without worrying about messy ingredients. Or use the included adjustable car vent mount to navigate to your destination when driving, knowing your iPhone will be safe from any sudden jolts. 

If you ever do drop your Crystal Case, your iPhone will be safe, thanks to the dual compound ultra-light material Rokform uses to make this slim, attractive, and shock-absorbent case, available in Clear or Black. The raised rim will keep your screen safe without losing any of the edge-to-edge display on your XS Max. While the Crystal Case fits snugly to your iPhone, it’s also easy to slip on and off.

In addition to the car vent mount included with your Crystal Case, Rokform’s twist-lock technology is compatible with Rokform's iPhone Bike Mount. Check out the Crystal Case and the family of related Rokform products and see why we're so wild about the Crystal Case for the XS Max.

The Crystal Case for the XS Max is available for preorder now; get yours today and find out what all the fuss is about!

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