Review: Protect Your Mac from Damage and Theives with a COMPUtR Case

Review: Protect Your Mac from Damage and Theives with a COMPUtR Case

At iPhone Life, we get to review all kinds of cases for our iPhones, so it was a nice surprise to check out the COMPUtR Case ($19.99). for my MacBook Pro. Whenever Apple brings out new MacBooks, Apple enthusiasts like myself contemplate upgrading. Fortunately, MacBooks hold their value quite well, but only if you take good care of your computer. That's where the oddly-named COMPUtR Case comes in.

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Aside from the white and red logo, the COMPUtR Case is a black two-piece shell that covers most of the top and bottom of the MacBook, with openings for the various ports. I teach in a college and many students (and teachers) place stickers all over their laptops. It's sort of a badge of honor and a way to identify what your interests and skills are, such as PHP, Red Hat, HTML5, Node.js, etc. But you might not want to put those stickers directly on your MacBook. The COMPUtR Case provides an easy solution... just apply the stickers to the case and keep your MacBook in pristine condition.

The other reason for the COMPUtR Case is deterring theft. According to the creators, and verified by numerous news articles, thieves will often steal MacBooks and leave PC laptops alone. Even burglers know that MacBooks can be resold at a decent price. Of course the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, including Touch ID, might make life more difficult for thieves, much like Touch ID has helped reduce iPhone thefts. But it might take a while for thieves to learn that lesson. Until then, consider disguising your MacBook to keep it safe, and keep its value.


  • Disguises MacBook to look like a generic PC
  • Affordable
  • Can apply stickers to the case


  • One color choice

Final Verdict

If you want to keep your MacBook looking new, and keep it from being stolen, the COMPUtR Case can do just that, and let you apply your sticker selections! 

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