Review: Kanex MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard

Kanex's MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard ($99.95) looks the part, while offering more functionality than Apple's Magic Keyboard.

Kanex's keyboard sports a brushed aluminum finish with black keys like the Macbook. Apart from looking great, the black keys should be less susceptible to the grime that inevitably builds up on Apple's white keys. 

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Set up of this Bluetooth 3.0-sporting keyboard is painless and typical of any Bluetooth device. The kicker here is that the keyboard can pair with up to four separate devices. So if you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad, and maybe a laptop paired with an external display, switching between devices is as simple as pressing one of four quick-switch keys above the full-sized numeric keypad. Unfortunately, despite how advanced this keyboard is, it lacks a rechargeable battery—meaning if the two AAA batteries used to power the keyboard bite the dust, you're out of luck unless you have some extras on hand. 

Typing on Kanex's keyboard feels, to me, marginally better than Apple's keyboard. It sits at a comfortable angle. There is a small but noticeable increase in key travel, while the keys themselves are a little more "clicky" than Apple's. Keys are spaced out well and sized slightly larger than Apple's, which makes using it feel less cramped than using Apple's keyboards. In addition to having the same function keys that you would find on an Apple keyboard, Kanex's offering provides a few iOS-specific functions like Home and Search. Touching back on the full-sized numeric keypad; it's a pleasure to have. Doing any serious number input with Apple's top-row numeric keys is such a hassle and the inclusion of the numeric keypad is more than welcome.


  • Looks like an Apple product
  • Black keys 
  • Easy to setup
  • Quick-switching between devices is simple
  • Comfortable to use


  • No built-in battery

Final Verdict

Kanex's MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard is an elegant, useful alternative to Apple's offerings, but lacks built-in power options.

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Tommy Ly spent a few years covering iOS news and writing iDevice accessory reviews for before joining iPhone Life and loves checking out cases and other mobile gear. He can be reached at