Review: Eva - A New Video Social Network

We love keeping in touch with each other; it's human nature, and it's a wonderful thing. Means of keeping in contact range from phone calls, messaging, and getting on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp to name a few. Now there is another great way to let your friends and family see what you're up to. Eva is a new and revolutionary Facebook app alternative. You create your daily life story through videos and share them privately or to the public "Eva feed."

Eva allows you to showcase the real you. It's a form of selfie, but with videos instead of pictures. The app is a great way to help you keep a daily video diary of your interests.  You will be able to showcase what's important to you in your life or just what you're up to on a holiday. The recordings of videos are unlimited and you can keep them in your profile forever, safe and secure. This allows you to keep your memories live for as long as you want. 

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To get started, you'll need to create an account to follow users and record your own Eva feed. An account can be created simply through using email or with your Facebook login.  You can view the public feed to see what other people are doing without having to sign up. Once you start viewing videos, if you like them then they get added to the favorites section for you to watch at another time. You can easily follow people or get followers in order to grow your friendship network. If you want your feed to be private you can easily switch your account and only approve new followers you want to share your story with. At the time of writing this review there aren't many categories to choose from. There is a Mobile World Congress feed, comedy, real London, fashion, and TheBand, which showcase users at random concerts or events. Users do however create their own trends and this makes a new list in the #tags section. You can swipe through videos and like to add the as favorites. You can also view a user profile or share it. If the video is inappropriate you have the options of reporting the video or user, blocking, and even muting. 

When you're ready to create a user, there is an extensive Terms and Conditions list that you need to agree to before progressing further. You will also need to give the app permission to access your device's video camera, microphone, and notifications. Just like any other social networking app out there. Share your hobby with the world.


  • Great new way to socialize
  • Free, no in-app purchases, no ads
  • Ability to use as a blog platform
  • Great Facebook app alternative


  • Not a large user or category base
  • Occasional lag while watching a video

Final Verdict

If you like to show people what you're doing and you're looking for a Facebook app alternative, then Eva is the app for you. It will be a great app for Vloggers once the user base grows. It's easy to use with a friendly user interface. Eva is a great way to socialize.

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