Review: Bubble Jungle - Super Chameleon Platformer World

Are you after a game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours this weekend? Then look no further than the amazing 3D platformer for iOS, Bubble Jungle ($1.99). Now, it's not often I download an app that takes up a huge amount of storage (1.8 GB) on my device, I simply haven't got the space. After seeing a video preview in the App Store, however, I immediately thought this app is worth a go. I wasn't disappointed. Embark on an adventure with Chuck the chameleon and explore a number of intriguing 3D worlds such as Deep Space, Wild West, Caribbean Island, and High Mines.

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Chuck is full of energy and seem to always have a smile on his face, surely gearing up for endless fun. There are over 50 levels that will take you through over 15 hours of gameplay. The great thing is, you can do this with up to 4 players making it even more fun. The aim is to collect as much coins, candies, fruits and lollipops so Chuck can power up, gain new skills and be strong enough to take on the final boss of the level. You will have to take out enemies along the way but rest assured you won't be alone. Chuck has friends you can unlock along the way. Enemies can be taken out with bubbles that Chuck shoots from his mouth; you then run in to reap the rewards. Chuck is a good at jumping and this is needed because he will come across obstacles along his adventure. 

You are able to explore every corner of the 3D levels. However, you will need to be careful because you can fall off the edge; if this happens, you lose a life. If you die, you will pick up where you last saved. Another cool feature is the multiplayer option, this is where you can create a game room or join an existing one with up to four players. 

Bubble Jungle takes up  of memory. With the vibrant graphics and lengthy gameplay I really like app and won't rush to delete it. There is a free version of Bubble Jungle so you can give it a try before you commit to the full version nut it's worth it.


  • Hours of gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics 
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Needs too much storage to download

Final Verdict

Jungle Bubble is an addictive and exciting game to play. I just cannot stop talking about the graphics, and the sound effects really bring the game alive. If you have an iPad Pro this is a good game to play on it.

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