Review: Aerix VIDIUS HD Drone Is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Tech Lovers

Review: Aerix VIDIUS HD Drone Is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Tech Lovers

Every year, when I come home from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, people ask me what the "theme" was. This past year, it was two things: virtual reality and drones. Naturally, someone would come along with a product that incorporates both technologies, and it's an impressive engineering feat. The VIDIUS HD ($75 on sale from $95) from Aerix Drones is remarkably small. In fact, the company claims the title of the World's Smallest FPV Drone and I believe it. Honestly, if I have any complaints, it's that perhaps it's too small, as it could be hard to find in the sky, and also the drone has a proprietary charger instead of microUSB. But it certainly will fit in a stocking and make a great tech gift for kids!

Not only is the Aerix Vidius HD drone small, so is the wireless controller it ships with. I like being able to use the analog joysticks to control the drone, but it's nice to know you can also use the Android or iOS app as well. In fact, there are some tricks you can only do using the app, such as "Draw-To-Fly" where you give the drone a flight path. You can also issue a "Return to Pilot" command, which is cool and useful, again considering how small it is, so you don't have to hunt for it.

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The VIDIUS HD streams video in 720p HD which isn't the highest resolution video drone out there; but given the size, it's impressive and a nice boost from the previous generation which streamed at 480p. Where the VIDIUS HD shines is the virtual reality feature. The company currently charges $15 for VR Goggles (normally $20) or you can use any Google Cardboard compliant goggles too, and view the streaming video in real-time.


I liked that the drone has a built-in propeller blade guard, so if you do hit an object, it should protect the propellers. The kit includes spare propellers, and a special tool to make swapping them in and out easier.



  • Incredibly compact drone
  • Propeller blade guard
  • Virtual Reality capabilities
  • 720p HD camera
  • Joystick or app control


  • Maybe too small
  • Proprietary charger

Final Verdict

If you like drones, and virtual reality, the Aerix VIDIUS HD Drone is the smallest way to get both!

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