Report: Sept. 9 Apple Event to Announce iPhone 6s, iPads, Apple TV

Last Friday Buzzfeed reported that Apple is planning an event for the week of September 7 — most likely on September 9 — and that we'll get a trifecta: iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. Yippee! They cite "sources familiar with Apple's plans." It's not too surprising that we'd get an iPhone announcement that week, given that the iPhone 6 was announced on September 9, the 5s on September 10, and the 5 on September 12. But what's surprising is the news that we'll also hear about new iPads and an Apple TV. In recent years Apple has introduced new iPads at a separate event later in the fall. But in this case, given that the iPhone 6s will mainly have internal upgrades that won't be earthshaking, it would make sense that Apple might also cover the new iPads. According to the report, there's a chance that the iPad news will include the new "iPad Pro" with a 12.9-inch display. Apple likely hasn't yet decided, and no doubt it depends on how soon the device will be ready to ship. 

The report also says that Apple will introduce a new Apple TV, confirming the speculation of my fellow blogger Siva Om in this post. In fact, it was rumored that Apple would introduce the new device in June at WWDC, but that in May it decided to hold back. Why? Apparently Apple had hoped to launch it alongside a new bundle of streaming TV channels, but the latter has been taking a long time to put in place. The Buzzfeed report doesn't say anything about Apple's TV service being announced, but it does say that multiple sources indicate the new device will arrive. It's expected to have a slimmer design, to include a newly designed remote with touchpad, to have an A8 processor, to have more onboard storage, and to feature new software that will include Siri. Plus, it's likely that it will finally be able to run third-party apps and that Apple will launch an Apple TV App Store.

Of course, the main news at the September 9 event will be the new iPhone 6s, which accounts for close to 70 percent of Apple's revenue. As we approach the launch, leaked parts are surfacing, seemingly confirming some of the rumored details. A video has been posted the shows an assembled front display, and it suggests that the next iPhone will include Force Touch. 



Cult of Mac explains the internal changes to the iPhone 6s shown in the video that suggest it will include Force Touch. Other new features that are rumored include a new processor that will be faster and more energy efficient and an improved camera.

Of course, all of this is rumor, and given the complexity of the logistics, everything could change. But for now, it looks like Apple has this date penciled in.

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