RemoBell S: The Smart Doorbell Camera We've Been Waiting For

Tired of doorstep package theft? Looking to increase your security? Then the RemoBell S is the doorbell you never knew you needed. iOS compatible and easy to use, you'll love your smart doorbell and you'll feel safe knowing that the RemoBell S is looking out for you. Read on to learn more about the RemoBell S, the amazing smart doorbell from Remo.

Online shopping is on the rise, and a new trend of porch piracy has grown with it. If you've already had a package stolen, or would rather not join the 30 percent of Americans who report they have, then it's time to make an investment in your family’s security and purchase a RemoBell S.

The RemoBell S rings in at $99 and features not only a wide-angle HD camera with one of the widest angles in the industry, but also two-way talk, motion detection with customizable zones, and even infrared night vision, so there's never a time when your home is unguarded. The RemoBell S begins recording whenever your motion zone is breached or when someone rings your doorbell; free cloud storage keeps this footage viewable for three days before it's replaced by new videos. There are also paid plans available starting at $3 a month or $30 a year if you would like to go back to view up to 30 days of recordings.

Of course, package theft isn't the only reason you might want to invest in the RemoBell S; maybe you'd like to know when your kids make it home from school and whether or not they brought friends with them. Perhaps someone keeps letting their dog poop on your front lawn, and you'd like to know who the culprit is so you can. . . write them a thank you note. Just install the RemoBell S, and you'll have the answers you want and the footage to prove it. After you install it, download the Remo+ app to your iPhone or iPad to set your motion detection zone and sensitivity and to choose video quality. 

You'll also use the Remo+ app to access the live view and two-way talk features to see and speak to anyone who's rung the doorbell. Up to five people can access your RemoBell S account, so you'll always have eyes on the ground.

Each RemoBell S comes with complimentary 30-day cloud storage for the first month so you can have unlimited video storage for the first 30 days. After this you will be switched to their free 3-day rolling plan unless you decide you want to purchase a paid plan. You'll be pleased to know that the paid plan only costs $3 a month or $30 for an entire year, and has no cancellation fee if you decide it's unnecessary.  There's also a video management feature that allows you to delete videos you don't need, download the ones you'd like to keep, and even share videos with friends or law enforcement should the need arise. 

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