Quick Apple Pencil Tip Replacement Guide (2022)

Apple Pencil tips can wear out and require replacement. I’ll tell you where to get Apple Pencil replacement tips and how to change them easily!

There are many reasons why you may need an Apple Pencil tip replacement. I will explain when and how to replace Apple Pencil tips to ensure a smooth glide that doesn’t damage your iPad’s display. I’ll also tell you everything you want to know about third-party replacement Apple Pencil tips.

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Apple Pencil Tip Replacement in 4 Steps

Replacing Apple Pencil tips, sometimes called Apple Pencil nibs or Apple Pen tips, can seem intimidating, but it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Carefully twist the Apple Pencil tip counter-clockwise.

    Carefully twist the Apple Pencil tip counter-clockwise - ipad pen not working
  2. Once the tip comes off completely, you’ll see golden pins underneath.

    golden pins underneath - fixing apple pencil
  3. Twist your new Apple Pencil tip clockwise onto the Apple Pencil until it is firmly secured.

    wist your new Apple Pencil tip clockwise - why did my apple pencil stopped working
  4. Test your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

    Test your Apple Pencil with your iPad - why is apple pencil not working

Pro Tip: It should only take a few twists to remove the tip. Make sure you grip the Apple Pencil firmly in your non-dominant hand. If your palms are damp or sweaty, dry them with a towel and try again. It shouldn’t take too much force to remove the tip, be careful not to damage the pencil by being too rough. Do not overtighten when you screw on the new Apple Pencil tip.

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When Is an Apple Pencil Tip Replacement Necessary?

Is your Apple Pencil tip not straight anymore? Your Apple Pencil won't write smoothly? Does the tip feel rough or scratchy? All these are good reasons to change your Apple Pencil tip! An old tip may cause your Apple Pencil to be inconsistent, and your iPad may even stop responding to it. 

Basically, if you feel like it’s time to replace the tip for any reason, you are probably right and should do it. For more tips about Apple Pencils, don’t forget to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

Where to Buy Apple Pencil 1 & Apple Pencil 2 Tips

It is always best to buy replacement Apple Pencil tips directly from Apple. They sell a four-pack for $19.99 right on their website, and these fit both generations of Apple Pencils. If you have a first-generation Apple Pencil, you should have received a spare tip with your purchase.

While third-party Apple Pencil tips are a popular alternative, you should be aware that if they damage your iPad, you may have a harder time with repairs depending on your AppleCare. You can buy third-party tips online, and they tend to come in a wide selection of colors and styles. I used the AWINNER Pen Tip Compatible with Apple Pencil Tips in the screenshots above, but I recommend going with official Apple replacements to be extra safe.

apple pencil 1st generation vs 2nd	tips

Now you know everything there is to know about Apple Pencil tip replacement and how easy it is. If you are wondering about Apple Pencil cap replacements for the first-generation pencil, you’ll have to contact Apple Support directly. Next, learn how to connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad!

Top image credit: mokjc / Shutterstock.com

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