Protect Your Magic Mouse On-The-Go with Casebudi

Your Magic Mouse needs a buddy, Casebudi ($11.99). Never risk your mouse getting damaged during transport again. Whether you need Casebudi to protect your mouse during the daily commute or over the long-haul, you know your accessory will remain safe. Casebudi by Gobudi is designed specifically for Apple’s Magic Mouse. The sleek form does a great job of minimizing bulk while providing a shell solid enough for your daily life and adventures alike. The included carabiner allows you to easily hook Casebudi onto a backpack or briefcase—generally, you can attach the case wherever needed. Learn more about the case's material and why it’s the must-have companion for your Magic Mouse.

We’re accustomed to buying cases for our devices. Whether the iPad, iPhone, or headphones—we’re used to having a case or purchasing one to ensure it stays pristine. Why would your Magic Mouse be any different? Simply placing the naked Magic Mouse in a purse, backpack, or briefcase is the fastest way to damage it. And if you travel with it often, that damage compounds until you have to buy an entirely new mouse. No one wants that.

Casebudi will keep your Magic Mouse safe for years and years to come. The shell is made of tough ballistic nylon with a top-quality Japanese zipper. Each case is individually inspected and tested, zippers and all, and then they’re packaged in the USA for shipment. Each Casebudi includes a one-year warranty as well.

Something I find Gobudi does incredibly well is provide products that offer a simple solution at a great price. We’ve featured Gobudi’s Earbudi in the past, which attach to your existing headphones so they never fall out. Casebudi is another winning and fantastic simple solution, this time for keeping your Magic Mouse safe regardless of where you go with it. I got a chance to test out the Casebudi and was impressed with its sturdiness, strength, and sleek design.

If you travel with your Magic Mouse, whether on the daily commute or for long trips, Casebudi is the accessory you need to ensure it stays in perfect working condition. For less that fifteen dollars you can protect your mouse for years to come. Get Casebudi today.

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