Protect Your AirPods During Travel with This Tough Case

Your music goes where you go, which means your AirPods are too often thrown at the bottom of a backpack or stuffed into a flimsy pocket where they could go missing. However, there is an easy solution. Meet CASEBUDi for AirPods, the tough travel case with a carabiner. Not only does this zippable case have a tough ballistic nylon exterior, it has a strong core that’s 50 percent thicker than other brands. Internally, the case has an elastic band that keeps your AirPods in place even when the case is unzipped. CASEBUDi for AirPods is only eleven dollars, making it a must-have accessory for anyone who owns Apple’s AirPods. Learn more about this simply brilliant solution below.

Made of eco-friendly EVA on the inside and ballistic nylon on the outside, the CASEBUDi for AirPods provides superior protection. It’s designed to stand up to the pressures of travel while looking sleek. The exterior is fingerprint-resistant and the interior is lined with soft material that’s gentle on your AirPods. Inside, you’ll also find an elastic band designed to snugly fit over your AirPods case; that way, even if you forget to zip the case, your AirPods will be secure.

The case comes with both a carabiner and a keyring, which allows you to choose how it’s attached. You can add the case to your existing set of keys with the keyring or easily clip the case on and off of backpacks, purses, and belt loops with the carabiner. GOBUDi’s one-year warranty ensures you’ll have the best experience possible. This is one accessory every AirPods owner absolutely has to get for the longevity of their earbuds.

There's no easier way to make sure your AirPods stay secure when you commute or travel than with CASEBUDi for AirPods. Let's recap: this zippable case features a tough shell exterior with softly lined interior that include an elastic band for keeping your AirPods in place even when the case is unzipped. The case also comes with both a carabiner and keyring, so you can choose how to secure your AirPods' case into place. And the case has a one-year warranty, so your purchase is protected as well. This eleven-dollar item will massively extend the life of your AirPods just by keeping them protected. Get your CASEBUDi for AirPods today.

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