Review: Fast Charging with the PowerVolt 3.0 Home Charger

When I think of Scosche, the first product category that comes to mind is its audio headsets. However, the company has expanded into more diverse mix of Apple-friendly accessories. A new item type added to Scosche's catalog is its PowerVolt line of chargers. I tested the PowerVolt 3.0: USB-C / USB-A Fast Charger ($34.99). With a retail price half the price of separate 18-watt USB-C and 12-watt USB-A chargers, the PowerVolt might come in handy when traveling and reducing the number of chargers plugged into your wall sockets.

The PowerVolt's USB-C output makes it ideal for fast charging USB-C devices like phones and tablets, but not for MacBooks or Chromebooks with USB-C charging. It's too bad since it could really be a useful single power companion for iPhone users traveling with their new MacBooks. It would have also been a more compelling product if it had either an extra USB-A port for another charging cable for an Apple Watch or AirPod recharge.  At least the PowerVolt has built-in circuitry that guards against overheating your USB-C and USB-A devices by not over charging, especially since the PowerVolt can recharge Power Delivery 3.0 capable devices up to three times faster than a regular USB charger.

Final Verdict

Scosche's PowerVolt delivers what it promises. The best use-case I can think of is if you and your partner need to share an outlet, with one of you owning an iPhone and the other a USB-C Android phone. It may come in handy during hotel stays where there never seems to be enough power outlets in the room. 


  • Convenient combination of old and new plug types
  • Charges latest Android and iPhone phones equally well
  • Compact and portable, great for travel use


  • USB-C Wattage not powerful enough to charge Apple's USB-C latest MacBook laptops.
  • An extra USB-A charging port would have been useful
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