Plugged Crown Headphones Offer Affordable Luxury

Some of my favorite products to review here at iPhone Life are headphones and earbuds. I don’t think you can ever have enough headphones; to me, they’re like purses and shoes — except instead of design or color I look for varying uses and sound quality. Recently, I was sent Plugged Crown ($99.99) luxury headphones to test out and my ears are loving it.

I’m always aware of what a product comes with. Plugged has you covered by including cables for either an iPhone or Android and a super soft, padded case for the headphones. Now, if you’re set on getting Bluetooth headphones, you’re out of luck here. The Plugged Crown is good ‘ol cable connected headphones, but there’s one huge difference. Usually, headphone cords are connected to the device and often to both ears, but the Crown needs only plug into one ear, and you can choose which ear depending on what suits you. So, to listen to music, all you need to do is plug-in the appropriate cable to either the left or right ear, snap the other end into your headphone jack, and press play. No charging, which is a forgotten benefit of not having Bluetooth headphones.

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As awesome as those features are, what stands out the most for me with the Plugged Crown is how darn comfortable they are. The ear cushions are seriously plush and huge, meaning I could wear them literally all day without my ears hurting from being squished. I like the Gold touch that compliments the Black version of the headphones too. They also come in White & Rose Gold, which looks just as stunning. The headphones also provide noise isolation, a scratch-resistant body, and music/call controls on the included cable.

I used the headphones for over six hours straight in a single day last week and absolutely fell in love. They are seriously the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. Since they aren’t Bluetooth, you get a luxury item without the luxury price in a sleek, classy package with fantastic sound quality.


  • Super comfortable ear cushions

  • Great sound

  • Luxury that’s affordable


  • Not Bluetooth-enabled

Final Verdict:

These days, a solid pair of headphones can run you upwards of $200, and that doesn’t guarantee sound quality or that they'll be comfortable. Meanwhile, Plugged Crown offers both in a luxury package for $99.99. If you’re looking for a nice pair of headphones that will last you and feel great while they do, definitely consider Plugged Crown.

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Conner Carey holds a bachelor's in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and resides in Fairfield, Iowa. When she's not writing, you can find her singing jazz or watching anime. Her personal blog can be found at; you can also follow her on twitter @connerleecarey.