NextDrive Plug: A New Way to Expand Your iPhone Storage

It's frustrating when your device reminds you that you don't have enough storage to take a picture, install an upgrade, or download some music. With the new NextDrive Plug, you won't have to worry about that anymore. The NextDrive Plug is a way for iPhone and iPad users to connect their USB devices wirelessly for a multitude of uses—file sharing, cloud storage, photo backup, music streaming, and much more.

The NextDrive Plug works with the NextDrive Connect app to turn your device into a wireless remote for USB devices. It lets you build your own storage cloud, add storage capacity to your phone, or even hook up a webcam for remote video streaming.

NextDrive Remote Web Camera
The plug can only be accessed by authorized devices, and it allows data to be transferred via bank-level security mechanisms and encryption chips. Remotely share any type of data wirelessly with friends, family, and coworkers using one or multiple NextDrive plugs—just make sure each plug is associated with each device. Storage capacity on the plug is up to 6 TB for a single drive and 24 TB for a RAID system.
The NextDrive Plug is available today for preorder at $59.99 and will sell for $99.99 when it begins shipping in October 2015.
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