New iPhone 6s Ad Features Aubrey Plaza of Parks & Rec

Amongst the building controversy between Apple and the FBI, I totally missed these sweet new ads Apple recently released. Continuing to promote the iPhone 6s and some of its easily marketable features, one ad centers around Live Photos while the other promotes the speed of 3D Touch. Aubrey Plaza pops in with her signature dry humor as she Peeks at her flight information from an email. I’ve already started to see the new ads on television, and they come at the perfect time, just weeks before the iPhone 5se is set to debut.


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“Live Photos...transport you through space and time. I’m kidding, time travel is dangerous.” Plus, who doesn’t love a cat at the beginning of a television commercial? Apple features the Live Photos function of iPhone 6s is this short and sweet ad, “Photos that come alive when you touch them.” But if you’re still not sold of the iPhone 6s but love Live Photos, the iPhone 5se is set to debut in March and is rumored to include Live Photos.


If you’re a fan of the show Parks and Recreation, you’ll be giddy to see Aubrey Plaza (who played April on the show) in this next Apple commercial. The ad is titled “Less Time”, focusing on the ease of using Quick Actions and Peek & Pop on the iPhone 6s with 3D Touch.


One more Aubrey Plaza gif to frame this post nicely, because we’re smart.


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