New for iOS 12: How to Manage Your Watchlist in the Stocks App on iPhone & iPad

Apple's Stocks app was formerly a pretty bare-bones affair, but with iOS 12 it's receiving a much-needed update. In addition to expanded data on the markets and stocks you're interested in, there's a section with business news stories relevant to your interests. The Stocks app has always been included on the iPhone and is now also available for iPads. This new-and-improved version comes with the ability to tailor and manage the stocks you are following in a Watchlist, so you always have the information you need to make informed financial decisions. Let's get started learning how to customize your Watchlist in the Stocks app now. 

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To begin:

  • Open the Stocks app.
  • Tap on the three bars at the lower-right corner of your display.

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  • Tap the white minus sign in the red circle to the left of any listed market or stock to remove it from your Watchlist.
  • Tap Remove to complete the deletion; tap Done when you're finished removing items from your Watchlist.

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  • To add a stock or market to your Watchlist, swipe down at the top of the Stocks app home screen.
  • You'll see a Search field; enter the name of the stock or market you'd like to add to your Watchlist.

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  • Tap the plus sign to the left of the stock you'd like to add, and you'll see the stock or market you added is now in your Watchlist.
  • Tap Cancel to end your search for stocks and markets to add. This will return you to the Manage Watchlist screen.
  • Back on the Manage Watchlist screen, tap Done in the upper right corner to finish editing your Watchlist and return to the app's home screen.

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