New Apple TV 4K Announced

The Apple TV just got some serious upgrades. With the help of a new A10X Fusion chip, Apple has doubled the CPU power and quadrupled the graphics power for a High Dynamic Range (HDR) boosted experience. Apple has also upgraded the sound with Dolby Vision. Using these new upgrades, the Apple TV has now become a 4K-capable device.

The Apple TV 4K will allow access a new 4K video library using a new updated 4K user interface, including the addition of some new 4K screensavers. The tvOS upgrade also leads into some generous changes to media availability, including automatic upgrading of any purchased HD content to 4K content. As an added bonus, all 4K content will be priced exactly the same as any HD content.

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To complement the enriched media access, Apple announced support for Amazon Prime Video later this year, as well as Live Sports streaming that will include notifications for your favorite teams. Gaming on the Apple TV 4K gets a boost with improved graphics capabilities, as demonstrated by one of Apple's game developers using the Apple TV Remote to play through a rich, immersive game using only a single finger. The new Apple TV 4K pricing is $179 for the 32 GB size and $199 for the 64 GB size, and you can order yours beginning September 15.

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