The Must-Have Case & Screen Protector for Your iPhone X (Don't Risk It!)

There’s no reason to risk your shiny new iPhone X—get the protection your device needs with Patchworks’ Level ITG Series Case ($12.95) for the iPhone X. With military-grade drop protection and a shock-absorbing air pocket, this case is both rugged and affordable. But don’t stop there; you’re going to need a top-notch screen protector for your iPhone X too. That’s where the ITG Silicate Series Screen Protector ($15.95) comes in. Made from the industry’s strongest glass and with the hardness of sapphire, this screen protector will keep your OLED screen flawless without breaking your budget. Take a closer look at both the Level ITG Series iPhone X case and its companion screen protector below.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: do not risk shattering the full glass body of your iPhone X by not using a case! Just don’t risk it. This Patchworks case complies with the US military standard and can survive many four-foot drops—all without adding unnecessary bulk. The screen protector featured below has 9H hardness and is made of the strongest glass known to the industry. You can get both products for under 30 dollars! That’s an investment worth making.

iPhone X Level ITG Series Case ($12.95)

Available in black, red, pink, and white, the Level ITG Case from Patchworks is practically a steal. For less than $15, you’re going to get a case that’s good enough for the US military and includes shock-absorbing air pockets to keep your expensive iPhone X safe. Patchworks took it 26 steps further, however, by dropping an iPhone 26 consecutive times at different angles with the ITG Level Case from four feet. The iPhone remained unscathed.

The matte finish is on par with current trends while the case's texture allows you to solidly grip your phone. By far the most impressive part to me is how much protection you get without added bulk. No one wants their iPhone to be unnecessarily clunky, and Patchworks manages to provide lots of protection in a sleek, slim case.

iPhone X ITG Silicate Series Screen Protector  ($15.95)

It's all in the details—that's what I've found when it comes to picking the right screen protector for my iPhone. And the ITG Silicate Series is designed to work perfectly with the case featured above and your iPhone X. Made with Alumino-Silicate glass, this tempered glass screen protector is 40–60 percent stronger than normal tempered glass screen protectors that don’t have the silicate layer. It’s anti-shatter, scratch-resistant, and has the highest transparency among any glasses, so your screen will shine through like the screen protector isn't even there.

The combo above is the perfect starter kit for keeping your iPhone X safe and like new. And the quality far outweighs the price. Order yours today and enjoy your peace of mind.

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