Mobile Gaming Headphones: Monster Fatal1ty FXM 200

Mobile gaming has quickly become far more accessible than console gaming, and as a result, the mobile video game market has overtaken the PC and console gaming markets in terms of popularity and profits. So it's no wonder that gaming accessories designed specifically for the mobile market have been popping up in ever greater numbers. One of the most recent additions to the gaming accessory arena are the Fatal1ty FXM 200 ($99.95) over-ear gaming headphones, designed by pro-gamer Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel and built by Monster Audio.

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Introcucing the Monster Fatal1ty FXM 200 eSport Headphones Built for Mobile

The Fatal1ty FXM 200s are what I'd consider a great, entry-level pair of gaming headphones. In my trials with the headphones I'd have to say that the best, most outstanding features of these headphones are their Neodymium speaker drivers, which are housed in special acoustic-enhancing sound chambers, and their proprietary ControlTalk module, which allows users to conveniently control volume levels, mute the built-in mic, and control music playback and phone calls. One of the other highlights of the FXM 200 is that they come with a detachable noise-cancelling microphone which connects to the left earcup and is perfectly suited for gamers as well as anyone wanting to optimize their phone call or video chat experience.

If you're a gaming enthusiast, you'll appreciate the design and performance of these headphones and if you're a gamer on a budget, then the Fatal1ty FXM 200s are hard to beat. As mobile gaming continues to see its popularity increase, the need for affordable gear to get the most out of mobile gaming is also on the rise. In fact, mobile gaming is no longer just a casual hobby or a way to pass the time on the train. With each passing year, it becomes more established as a legitimate platform for highly competitive, professional-level eSports. I recently had the chance to chat with Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel himself and he reiterated the same point. As he said, "with the massive amount of people who have smartphones and tablets, it seems inevitable that eSports taps into that market!  You are already seeing it with mobile games like Hearthstone, Clash Royale & Vainglory.  I believe it’s always about accessibility in eSports, and if everyone has the game and can play it, it has a very viable chance of entering the eSports arena."

If you are a core gamer or a professional gamer on the mobile platform then you'll resonate with the importance of having a pair of headphones that can not only deliver an immersive game play experience in high-definition, surround-sound, but also allows for clear communication between teammates as oftentimes, the most competitive games require the most strategic, real-time coordination between teammates. Games like Modern Combat 5 and Vainglory are just a couple of examples of games where the FXM 200s would provide a distinct advantage over just using the iPhone or iPad's built-in speakers or Apple's EarPods or AirPods.

According to Wendel, "as we see more games take advantage of sound in the game, it becomes vital to hear every detail and react ASAP to those sound cues so you can own the game. Actually, whenever you’re playing an eSports game, you want to have headphones on. It helps with keeping your mind and energy focused on the game."

I'm far from a pro, but I have been an active gamer for decades, and these headphones get the job done! Whenever there is a "game of consequence", the Fatal1ty gaming headphones will serve you well, and help elevate your gameplay to a whole new level.


  • Lightweight, collapsible design. Perfect for the mobile gamer.
  • High quality speakers and microphones offer everything an aspiring gamer could ask for in terms of audio and acoustic quality.
  • Very affordable price point.
  • Durable plastics make for a ruggedly crafted pair of headphones. Don't be afraid to take these on the road with you.
  • Over-ear earcups offer good passive noise isolation.
  • Comfortable for long playing session.


  • The FXM 200 is an entry-level, budget pair of headphones. While the audio quality is top notch thanks to the years of expertise Monster brings to the equation, the FXM do feel like they cut corners in terms of both comfort and materials. Granted, they are an entry-level pair of headphones, but considering the fact that Monster already has a lower priced version of the FXM for $69.95, I would have rather seen the lower priced version hold at the $60–70 price range, with a higher-end model closer to the $200 price range. The difference between a $70 pair of headphones and a $100 pair of headphones in negligible, the difference between a $70 pair and a $200 pair would actually give people a much more discernible and relevant choice.

Final Verdict:

All things considered, I'd say the FXM 200 are an excellent choice from a reputable and esteemed tech manufacturer. If you are looking for a great deal on a pair of headphones that deliver premium sound at a bargain price the Monster Fatal1ty FXM 200 are well worth your consideration.

Introcucing the Monster Fatal1ty FXM 200 eSport Headphones Built for Mobile

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