Make Your iPhone Pop with Fazzino Art Case

Some of my favorite cases feature artwork. Usually they're minimally protective but beautiful without adding bulk. So when I was asked to review an iPhone case with 3D Pop Artist Charles Fazzino’s artwork on the back, I jumped on the opportunity. Borrowing from some of his best Manhattan skyline works, the collection of Fazzino cases ($39.99) include five different pieces. I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals so I opted for the Broadway scene and patiently waited for the mail.

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The case itself is comprised of two parts: the flexible, rubber foundation is a simple, mesh design. It slips onto your phone and the hard shell snaps securely over that. I generally knew what to expect from the picture, but I love it more in real life. There’s a lot of detail to the image and references to multiple musicals spanning from Phantom of the Opera to Dream Girls.

One thing I didn’t notice from the image are the swarovski crystals speckled across the scene. At first, I really didn’t like them. Personally, adding jewels cheapens the complexity and care of the artwork. But they’ve grown on me that past few days and while I would still opt for a version without them, they aren’t a deal break by any means.

Looking through the rest of Charles Fazzino’s portfolio, I’d surely love to see even more options in the future. The case isn’t built to be protective but would offer minimal protection with the hard shell and wrap around rubber edge. The case also provides access to all ports and buttons, althought the mute button can be hard to reach without nails. If you’re already a fan of Fazzino’s work then you’ll definitely want to grab one as the artwork translates to the case beautifully.


  • Love the artwork, very detailed

  • Hard shell case

  • Lots of personality


  • Personally, I would like it sans crystals

  • Quality of case itself is good but not great

Final Verdict:

Overall, I love this case. The artwork is beautiful, but I think it would become more center stage without the crystals. If any of the artwork in the case collection calls to you, it’s worth the buy.

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