Make Your iPhone Modular with the OtterBox uniVERSE Case

We often look for two things in an iPhone case: protection and personality. Will it withstand a five-foot drop? And what does the design say about me? OtterBox looked at the iPhone case and realized it could do a whole lot more. Meet the modular uniVERSE case ($49.95). Sure, it provides all the drop protection you could want, but the genius is in all the other things it can do. The uniVERSE case has a detachable plate on the back that slides on and off. When off, you can slide any of the modular additions onto the case for endless possibilities. Use the wallet module to keep your credit cards nearby, use the battery pack module to extend the life of your iPhone, or use the card reader to go from casual to business in seconds. The swappable modules of OtterBox’s uniVERSE case turns your iPhone case into a multipurpose tool.

The iPhone case is often a simple addition to iPhone used for very practical reasons: we spend good money on our devices and want to keep them safe. The case itself has a slim profile and certified drop protection and the detachable plate adds a whole world of possibilities.

One of my favorite modules is the Trippler Tripod mount. Designed specifically for the uniVERSE case, the tripod is a four-in-one attachment with tripod, pole, grip, and stand in a compact form. For the iPhone photographer, you couldn’t ask for a better setup that works seamlessly with your case. Not into photography? Perhaps you run a small business or sell goods at your local farmers market. Get the Square card reader made for uniVERSE case and take payments anywhere you go.
That just scratches the surface of possibilites. OtterBox has partnered with multiple companies to bring even more modules to the uniVERSE case. Get the module for mounting your iPhone to your car vent or the speaker module that turns your iPhone into a mini boombox. Protect your credit cards with the Stash Wallet attachment or keep your battery living longer with the PowerPack. There’s the lens attachment by Olloclip, a module with extra storage for your iPhone by SanDisk, and a variety of other attachments by PolarPro, to name a few.

The uniVERSE case is one of those products that you don’t want to live without once you get used to having it around. The ease of switching from one module to the next means your iPhone becomes a multipurpose tool in a completely new way than what you’re accustomed to. Customers have been raving about the case on the OtterBox website, with some already converting their friends to the uniVERSE case as well. The iPhone case has never been this functional, but with the uniVERSE case, the possibilities are endless.

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