Make Life Easier by Managing Your Apple Devices with Jamf Now

Your company’s devices are invaluable. But you’re probably spending too much time or money configuring and maintaining those devices. Trade in the hassle and get Jamf Now. Jamf Now is a cloud-based mobile device management system that allows you to configure settings, add email accounts, download apps, and set up security measures for all of the devices in the company. There’s no better way to set up, manage, and protect Apple devices at work. The first three devices are completely free; try out the demo today and learn more below.

There are three main pillars to Jamf Now. The first is the ability to remotely configure all of the iPads, iPhones, and Macs at work. This includes setting up Wi-Fi, changing settings, and setting up email accounts. Without a mobile device management software like Jamf Now, everything would need to be manually and individually set up. But that can take hours if not days to do (not to mention the time it would take in the future for maintaining and updating all those devices!). With Jamf Now, that entire process becomes so much easier. You’ll wonder where Jamf Now has been all of your working life.

The second pillar of Jamf Now is the ability to manage these devices. You can deploy company-wide apps, such as Slack for team communication or Dropbox for file sharing, and know that everyone has the ability to access the apps. Instead of having to sit down at each and every computer or iDevice, you can manage, launch, update, change licenses permissions, and more all from the Jamf Now interface. Not only is Jamf Now improving your workflow as you manage all of the devices, it's ensuring other people’s workflows aren’t interrupted by the changes you make.

Last and most importantly, Jamf Now makes protecting your devices easy. You can remotely enforce passcodes, encryption, and even lock or wipe devices remotely. If someone leaves the company and their computer needs to be wiped before the new employee begins, Jamf Now can do it for you with ease. If you want to make sure all information is secure company-wide, you can use Jamf Now to enforce encryption (and passwords) over the air.

Jamf Now makes device management accessible and affordable for everyone, so businesses can support their users without help from IT. Jamf Now makes your life easier and your employees’ workflow more smooth and productive. When you all of your company’s Apple devices are set up, easily managed, and protected, you can focus on the strength of your team and the work you all are doing. Try Jamf Now for free today.


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