At Last, a Comfortable Way to Use Your iPad

If you don’t already have a Tablift, what are you doing? You have got to try out this incredible iPad stand for yourself! There is no better way to lounge, recline, or relax with your iPad than with Tablift. With rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere online, Tablift users are shouting their love of Tablift via the internet, hoping others will hear and get to experience ones of their own. Why do people love Tablift so dearly? Tablift is the only stand that allows you to use your tablet hands free while sitting on the couch, recliner, or even in bed. This makes Tablift ideal for watching movies and videos, reading, making video calls, playing games, and more—especially on uneven surfaces.



With four flexible legs, Tablift is capable of bending into the position and height you need for maximum comfort. Some Amazon reviewers even bent the legs backward and velcroed a small flat surface to the base of Tablift that allowed them to switch between using their Tablift as a desk and as the intended stand depending on their current needs. This just goes to show you the limitless ways in which you can position your tablet using Tablift without ever having to rest it or balance it on your body.

Worried about it fitting your iPad? Don’t be. The Tablift works with virtually any tablet. Officially, Tablift is compatible with the full-size and mini Apple iPad (Pro models must be used with a hard case); Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes); Asus Google Nexus 7; Vivotab; Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 4; plus most any other tablet on the market. It will fit any tablet with an edge that will fit into the 10 mm wide slots.

An Amazon user named Brooke left a review for Tablift that, to me, really shows why this is more than just a vanity product. For some, Tablift isn’t just about enjoying their iPad in bed; it’s an improvement in their day-to-day life:

“I'm bedbound with a progressive illness, and needed a stand that would allow me to use my tablet comfortably in bed. The Tablift works almost perfectly for my needs. In particular, I love the ability to have the tablet held securely at a downward-facing angle. While the holder part has three pre-set angles to choose from, by angling/spreading the legs differently you can choose any angle you like. Overall, this product is well worth the cost. I tried several other stands prior to this, and this is the one I will use for a long time to come.”

Let’s review: The Tablift is a tablet stand designed to fit just about any tablet, including iPad. Its flexible legs allow you to position it at any angle on any surface, whether flat or uneven. You can also fold the legs in to make the Tablift easily portable when taking your iPad on the go. It’s designed to give you maximum comfort while using your iPad on the couch, in a recliner, or even in bed.

Stop holding your iPad in awkward positions. The Tablift is here to transform your tablet experience in the places you use your tablet the most. Better get more than one; everyone in your family is going to want their own.

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