Kickstarter: This Battery Case Doubles as a Powerful Flash for Your iPhone's Camera

Kickstarter: This Battery Case Doubles as a Powerful Flash for Your iPhone's Camera

Some cases protect your phone. Some cases charge and protect your phone. Some cases look cool, and sort of protect your phone (at least a little) while doing so. The new iblazr iPhone case (on Kickstarter until December 29—hopefully coming soon to retailers) does all of these things and something much much more. It turns iPhone into a serious photographer's pocket super camera. How does it do this magical thing? By adding a powerful amount of illuminance (200 LUX, but more on that later) to your puny iPhone flash. Every photographer will tell you that the best camera is the one you have with you, and with an iblazr case attached to your iPhone, you will find that to be true. Read on for the gory details on this exciting Kickstart campaign, and how you can contribute.

First, a bit on the iblazr construction. While admittedly not built to military specifications, the iblazr includes a checklist of things I look for in a a case. Edge protection, got it. Wrap-around design, without adding excessive bulk, check. I'd like to see a few more specs on the construction material, but the look of it made a chill run down my spine.

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I thought, "OMG! I must have one of these cases. Superman would want one!" Why? He could blind kryptonite-carrying baddies is totally why, silly! Seriously, and if that didn't work, well... he's Superman, so I'm sure he would think of something. He probably could just hold it up and say something like "This is an iblazr iPhone case, so don't make me use it. Just put the kryponite down, buddy, and back away."

300 Lux is easily enough light to work by—meaning when you are slugging away in the cube farm day after day under at least 200 flourescents, you're probably absorbing less than that! 300 in your hand is the power to turn meh photos into whoa photos, or to cause a traffic pileup! Colors pop and jump out of the night at you like a color frenzy so high on junk that only colors can understand it (whatever "junk" colors get high on.) Anyway, that means awesomeness for your pictures! 

Finally, the coup de grace is the massive energy source stuffed into this thin, sleek case. They scienced the crap out of this thing to jam 2500 mAh into a form factor that thin! What have you got against two times the battery life of the mere mortal iPhone, huh? I hope nothing, because with an iblazr, that's exactly what your going to get! So head on over to that kickstarter campaign and give em a hand, so we can all be carrying around iblazrs.

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