iPhone X Essentials: The Best Gear for the Best iPhone

The iPhone X needs a few essential accessories. To protect it, you need a solid dropproof protective case. To charge it, you need a wireless charging pad or high-quality cable. And to keep that OLED screen looking flawless, you need a high-quality screen protector. I spent months requesting items from each category and testing them out so I could bring you the best essential gear for your iPhone X. I've included only the products that didn't let me down when testing them out; and while I can't test out everything, I've got my top three favorites for each category below. Without further ado, here are the best cases, screen protectors, and charging pads or cables for your iPhone X. 

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Best iPhone X Cases

Twelve South RelaxedLeather Case ($49.99)

This is the case I’m currently using on my iPhone X, and I can’t imagine switching it out anytime soon. The RelaxedLeather case for the iPhone X is slim and leather-wrapped, with two card slots on the back. It offers the perfect balance of protection and style and comes in a variety of attractive colors (mine is a deep wine red called Marsala). I found it surprisingly difficult to find an iPhone X case that didn’t feel too bulky. Now, this case isn’t advertised as being built for drop protection, but I’d say it’s sturdy enough for the occasional small drop. If you like the practicality of a wallet case and want a case that will only improve in appearance with use, I highly recommend the RelaxedLeather case.

Nomad Clear Folio Leather Case ($49.95)

I love the overall design of this Nomad Clear Folio case. The case is drop-proof up to six feet and is clear, which means you can see the beauty of your iPhone X at all times. The leather folio cover both protects the screen and acts as a wallet with its three credit card slots and hidden cash pocket. The leather is high quality and the product looks stunning. My only complaint is that the folio doesn’t also function as a stand, which I generally have come to expect from any folio case. This is another case that will only improve in appearance as time goes on and the leather becomes beautifully weathered.

Speck Presidio Case ($39.95)

If drop protection is your top concern, Speck’s Presidio case is the best option on our list. With drop protection up to ten feet, this two-layer case is truly impressive. I have it in Dusty Green, which is my favorite kind of military green; however, Speck offers its Presidio case in a multitude of different patterns and colors, including clear. The extra protection makes this case slightly bulky, but it’s still slim for a case focused on durability. The raised bezel edges help protect the front of your device and the case’s scratch-resistant finish keeps it looking great. This case also includes a lifetime warranty; so if anything happens to it during the lifetime of your device, Speck will replace it for you.

Best iPhone X Screen Protectors

Simple Snap Screen Protector ($49.99)

It takes a steady hand to perfectly apply a screen protector, right? Not with Simple Snap. The name says it all. When the screen protector arrives, it’s at the center of an alignment mold with a cutout of your phone’s shape. Once you peel off the correct side, you simply push the mold onto your phone, which lays the screen protector perfectly straight and in place the first time. This is the screen protector I’m currently using on my iPhone X, and thus far it’s done a fantastic job. I did have a couple small bubbles in the lower right corner upon installation, but I delicately lifted the corner and placed it back down to fix it.

Tech21 Evo Glass Screen Protector ($44.95)

This is the screen protector our CEO David Averbach ran off with as soon as his iPhone X arrived in the mail. He said it was easy to apply, didn’t create any bubbles, fit nicely, and so far has kept his screen protected. Evo Glass is meant to be super thin and beautifully clear, so your OLED screen can shine through in all its glory. It’s also scratch and smudge-resistant, so you won’t need to replace it just because of a little nick obscuring your screen. It’s also designed to work with Tech21 cases, which means it works with most, if not all, cases. It gets my boss's approval!

InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector ($39.99)

InvisibleShield is usually my go-to company when it comes to screen protectors. I’ve used many InvisibleShield screen protectors in the past and have loved their incredibly smooth application and solid screen protection. For the iPhone X, InvisibleShield has taken extra measures to make sure your expensive device goes unharmed. With reinforced edges and three times the shatter protection, the Glass+ is prepared for all of your adventures. It’s made to have the most impact protection available, while also making sure your screen looks pristine with smudge and scratch resistance. Plus, InvisibleShield includes a lifetime warranty—if your Glass+ gets worn or damaged, InvisibleShield will replace it for the lifetime of your device.

Best iPhone X Chargers & Cables

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad ($59.99)

Luckily, the iPhone X is Qi wireless charging compatible, which means that any standard wireless charger will work with it. But Belkin decided to create a charging pad specifically for the iPhone X and iPhone 8—and what you get is a product that compliments the iPhone X beautifully. Set up your charging station wherever is convenient for you, plug in the pad, and simply place your iPhone X down to get started. The BOOST UP is designed to work with most lightweight cases; I tested this out and found that it generally worked perfectly with thin or plastic cases, which I expect to be true with just about any wireless charger. Overall, I like the design of the Belkin BOOST UP more than a similar product from Mophie; although it’s a great alternative option as well.

Meem Cord with 32 GB of Storage ($69.99)

While getting the iPhone X was an upgrade, I chose to downgrade my storage capacity to save a little money on an already premium device. That’s why the Meem Cord stuck out to me as a great idea. This cord can charge and sync your device with its USB-to-Lightning connectors; however, it can also hold 32 GB, 64 GB, or even 128 GB of data, depending on the cord you choose. You can use the cord to store device backups or to simply store media and documents, allowing you to free up space on your device. It’s not on the cloud, so you never have to worry about security; and you can view all of your stored information within the Meem app on your device.

Moshi USB Cable with Lightning Connector ($24.95)

Every iPhone user needs an extra Lightning cable. Whether your old one is fraying or you need a second cable for on-the-go and in-the-car use, Moshi makes one that will last you a long, long time. Wrapped in ballistic nylon braiding with aluminum housing on either end, this cord can handle more than 20,000 cycles of 180-degree bend testing—a.k.a. it’s super durable. Moshi has cords in various sizes, but this one is four feet long, which is 20 percent longer than an Apple’s Lightning cord. The nylon braiding makes this Moshi cord resistant to tangling too. It’s also available in four different colors: white, gray, red, and pink.


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