iPhone Life 2017 Earth Day Awards

Looking at the current social, political, and environmental circumstances swirling around our planet today, I'm reminded, more than ever, of the importance of caring for our environment and paying forward any appreciation we happen to have for this world we live on. At iPhone Life, part of doing that comes in the form of honoring mobile-friendly companies that have placed the greater welfare of the planet front and center. This year's winner of the iPhone Life Earth Day award will be the company that we feel exemplifies sustainable and ecologically-friendly business practices. Read on, after the break, to see which tech company we feel is leading the way with its Earth-first practices. This year, as in years past, we are announcing an Earth Day Award winner, as well as first and second runners up. And this year's recipient of the annual iPhone Life Earth Day Award is...

Apple Inc.

Apple has emerged as a world leader in the fields of environmental and ecological awareness and sustainable business practices. Because of this, it is the winner of 2017's iPhone Life Earth Day Award.

Apple's website has ample information available for your perusal about the various and significant environmental and ecological initiatives that Apple has in place to ensure that the company leaves a minimal carbon footprint, while also serving as a resource to help educate people on the import of being proactive and passionate about guarding our precious natural resources and caring for the nature of this small and delicate planet we all live on.

Apple is one of the world's largest, most popular, and most profitable companies, and for it to take such a stand when it comes to protecting our environment and managing the amount of pollution our consumption-driven society produces is no small matter. In fact, its eco-friendly and environmentally conscientious approach is arguably one of my favorite attributes of this company. From using clean, renewable, green energy to power the majority of their business empire, to actively recycling their own products, among many other things, Apple has determinedly set a course to help make this world a better place.

On this day when so many people are celebrating this amazing and wonderful planet we all share, we commend Apple for their efforts, diligence, and commitment to making our planet a safer, cleaner and more environmentally aware place for us all to inhabit, now, and for generations to follow.

Click here for some great Earth Day lessons, courtesy of Apple.

First Runner-Up:

House of Marley

iPhone Life 2017 Earth Day Awards

It's always nice to see celebrity status used for the betterment of society, and that's exactly what House of Marley has been doing for years now with its extensive line of high-quality audio accessories for the modern mobile audiophile. House of Marley was built upon the guiding principles of the late reggae superstar, Bob Marley. His "One Love" approach to all things can certainly be seen in the House of Marley's business model, specifically as it applies to caring for the planet. House of Marley puts a high priority on recycling resources (all of its products incorporate a high percentage of recycled and FSC-certified materials in their manufacture) and giving back to the communities of people who live here, through various charities and by helping raise awareness of the global environmental and ecological issues we are all faced with at this precarious time in human evolution.

Second Runner-Up:

Goal Zero

iPhone Life 2017 Earth Day Awards

Goal Zero creates solar solutions and portable power banks for a variety of mobile, remote, and off-grid applications. The gear is multipurpose; designed to allow adventurers the freedom to have electrical power for their mobile tech wherever their treks might carry them, while also creating opportunities for people in third-world, developing countries and environments to have access to clean, green energies. In the words of Goal Zero's founder, Robert Workman, "At Goal Zero, our products are designed to lift the poorest of poor, and are still extremely relevant to the richest of rich. Think about that for a moment." You can learn more about Goal Zero's green initiatives by clicking here.

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