iPhone Gear for Pet Lovers

8 Gadgets for Man’s Best Friend

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Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, we can all agree that our pets are a special part of the family. As such, we want to keep them safe and happy, and thanks to countless technological advancements, doing so is now easier than ever. That’s why we’ve gathered up a selection of the best gear for pet owners, from wearable cameras to wireless feeders, so now your pet can get just as excited about your new gadgets as you do!

Picture this: your cat pacing around the food bowl pleadingly when you get home from work. After you feed him and he’s polished off the bowl, your spouse texts you to let you know they already fed him. Outwitted again! We all have stories like this, but thankfully, this wireless feeder for cats and dogs by Petnet takes the guesswork out of mealtime once and for all. Won’t be home for dinner? Schedule a feeding from your iPhone. Did you give your dog too many treats today? Adjust how much kibble they get right from the Petnet app. You’ll also receive iPhone alerts for feeding times, meal confirmations, food supply levels, and battery life within the app. Even match your pet with the right kind of food and have it delivered to your door!

“The chest mount is great for capturing your dog trotting down trails.”

Ever wondered what it’s like to see the world from your dog’s point of view? Well this padded, waterproof GoPro dog harness lets you find out. The Fetch comfortably fits dogs weighing 15 to 120 pounds—and it works with every version of GoPro too! The chest mount is great for capturing your dog trotting down trails, while the back mount lets you see over your dog’s floppy ears as they run toward the ocean or through your backyard. The harness is comfortable, padded and waterproof, though it should never be used with a leash.

If you have a naughty pet that’s always trying to play with your iPhone charger, you may want to invest in one of these cords by Eastern Collective. These one-of-a-kind braided fabric cords offer the charge you need and a plethora of colorful designs that are much more resilient than your native Apple cables, which tend to fall apart at each end after a year of use.  

Hailed as the Fitbit for dogs, this activity monitor by Whistle allows pet owners to gain insight into their dogs’ daily life. Attach Whistle to your dog’s collar to track three states: walk, play, and rest. Through the iPhone app, you can also set goals for activity, track food and medicine intake, and even create custom reminders tailored to your pet’s needs. Whistle is waterproof and lasts on a 10-day USB charge.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker  
($59 + $6.95-$9.95 monthly service)

“Forget fliers and endless hours of searching for your lost dog or cat—this GPS tracker lets you know where your pet is at all times.”

Forget fliers and endless hours of searching for your lost dog or cat—this GPS tracker lets you know where your pet is at all times and even track’s your pet’s long-term health trends. Simply attach the device to your pet’s collar and you can begin tracking their location right from your iPhone and even receive alerts when they’ve wandered outside the virtual fence you’ve set up.

Are you leaving your pet home alone for an extended period of time? Use a pet camera to talk to them and see how they’re doing! Petcube streams 720p HD video with its wide angle camera and uses your home Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the two-way live feed to watch your furry companion, talk to them through the device, and even operate the camera’s built-in laser pointer from the device’s app. Now you’ll never miss a tail wag!

Need to keep the dog from peeing in the house or tearing up your sofa? There’s an app for that! Bluefang’s smart collar delivers a “nudge” to your dog to help train them. There are six training categories on the app—sit, stay, come, fetch, heel, and down— that you can press to activate voice commands. There are also three levels of stimulus you can deliver to your dog, so no matter the body size, the “zap” will be safe! More than one pooch? Bluefang’s app can manage multiple dogs.

Usually, panic ensues when our dogs run away or get lost in a new place. Never fear, because Pawscout Pet Finder will help you more than those posters you’re stapling to telephone poles or Facebook posts you’re frantically sharing to everyone’s walls. Attach the customizable collar add-on first. Then, if your pooch goes missing, mark him missing on the app! If a Pawscout user or dog comes within 200 feet of your dog, you’ll get a notification in the app. You can even call the owner from the app if you find a lost dog! The battery lasts a year, and the unit is waterproof.