Schedule an Email in Apple Mail on Your iPhone (iOS 16)

Move over, Gmail! Now you can schedule emails in the Apple Mail app to send at a later date.

Do you frequently send emails for work or personal use? Whether you want to get ahead in your work week, or just avoid sending emails in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, scheduling an email can help you save time and get it off your to-do list! Let's cover how to schedule an email in your iPhone Apple Mail app.

How to Schedule an Email in Apple Mail on iPhone

For more handy email and messaging tips, sign up for our free Tip of the Day Newsletter. So, can you schedule an email in Apple Mail to send at a later time? Yes, provided you have updated your iPhone to iOS 16. There's also one tiny caveat to this process: your iPhone needs to be on at the time your schedule email is set to send. Now, here's how to schedule an email to send in Apple Mail:

  1. Open the Mail app. Tap an existing email to respond or tap the Compose icon to draft a new email. 

  2. Compose the email as you normally would, adding the recipients, subject line, and content of the message. 

    Email example with recipient infomation and email content
  3. Once you've finished composing your email, long-press the Send icon. 

    Long press the send icon to schedule an email in Apple Mail
  4. You'll be presented with options to send your email now, at a later default time (these are automatically suggested), or to send later. 

    How to send an email in Apple Mail- Send Now, Send 9:00 PM Tonight, Send Later ...
  5. To enter a custom date and time, tap Send Later.  

    Send Later in Apple Mail
  6. If you want to send your email at a later date, tap to select the date you wish to send the email.

  7. If you want to send the emails at a different time than is shown, tap the time displayed to set a custom time. 

  8. Swipe up and down to set the hour, minute, and AM/PM options. 

  9. Once you've finished selecting the date and time, tap Done.

    Tap done to schedule email
  10. Your scheduled email will appear in a Send Later folder.

After the email has been sent at the scheduled time, it will appear in your Sent folder, just like any other email. Now you can easily schedule emails in Apple Mail! If you enjoy learning about your iPhone's messaging features, you might also be interested in learning the new easy way you can recover deleted texts in your Messages app. 

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