Introducing Eve's Smarthome Ecosystem

Introducing Eve's Smarthome Ecosystem.

The Elgato Eve products (Starting at $39.95) are part of the latest wave of HomeKit-compatible devices that monitor your living environment and report back to you on the conditions present. With the Eve HomeKit devices, you are able to view important information about your home and living environment at a glance. Elgato makes an assortment of HomeKit-compatible devices and with the free Eve app, adding additional accessories is a breeze.

Eve manufactures practical modules, including a thermostat, an outdoor thermometer/ barometer, and the Eve Energy, which allows you to track your energy usage. You can control all of your various Eve accessories with Siri, getting reports and commanding actions. And since the Eve app incorporates HomeKit technology, you can trust that your data is securely transferred, with end-to-end encryption.

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Introducing Eve's Smarthome Ecosystem.

As we move toward an ever more interconnected future, Eve has a full line of gear to help you make the most of your home's smart-connectivity potential. The devices are small, discreet, and modern looking, sporting simple designs that remind me of Apple's own ecosystem.

I got to spend some time with the Eve Room ($79.95), which monitors indoor temperatures, humidit,y and air quality. This is great information to be able to quickly access from my iPhone, especially here in Northern Arizona where we deal with high pollen counts, dangerous smoke and ash levels from yearly forest fires, and ridiculously high temperatures reaching as high as 115-120 degrees fahrenheit.

The only things about the Eve Room that I had an issue with was that the green cardboard packaging left a stain on the pristine white exterior of the unit. More significantly, in terms of functionality, it did not connect to wireless, or an Apple TV (unlike other Eve devices) so monitoring the indoor temperature, humidty and air quality while away is not possible, at least not at this time. I know that Elgato is continually updating the firmware of its devices, so I'm hoping that the remote monitoring of indoor atmospheric conditions is a feature the company will add to the Eve Room in the near future.


If you're looking for an smarthome ecosystem to buy into, one that you can rest assured is user friendly, with an intuitive interface and allows for the inclusion of smarthome products from other companies (which is fantastic if you use smarthome enabled Bluetooth LED lights, which Eve doesn't currently offer), then Eve provides you with a perfect solution.

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