How to Watch Season 7 of the Walking Dead with Apple TV

How To Watch The Walking Dead, Season 7 with Apple TV

It's almost October 23, the date The Walking Dead returns to the air with the highly anticipated seventh season. If you're one of the hordes of fans, then you already know that TWD is much more than just a zombie show. It strikes a delicate balance between a grotesque and violent thriller and a post apocalyptic Lord-of-the-Flies-style story where the zombies are bad, but the humans can be far worse. Season six ended at the height of an extremely tense and emotional juncture in the story and every one of us who loves this show has been waiting eagerly and not so patiently for season seven to begin, so that we can deal with the impending heartache of finding out which of our favorite characters loses his or her life to Lucille, the barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat belong to the newly introduced character, Negan.

How To Watch The Walking Dead, Season 7 with Apple TV

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Not to spoil anything, but if you've read the TWD comic series, whose storyline is far ahead of the TV series, then you know who died in print. However, TWD has not always stuck to the original storyline. Case in point; what happened to Andrea and also the fact that there is no Darryl in the comic. So really, we don't know what to expect, and despite watching my fair share of YouTube analysis, I couldn't do more than make an educated guess as to who Negan is about to brutally murder.

There are a number of ways we can watch the season seven on an Apple TV. The first, and perhaps simplest way would be if you have a cable subscription, in which case you could watch it in real time when it airs on Sunday evenings. But I know that there are many among us who are committed cord cutters and taking advantage of the convenience of a cable subscription is not an option. For those of us not bundled into an old-fashioned subscription service,  the next most accessible method is iTunes. Through iTunes you can purchase TWD episodes in high definition, singularly for $2.99 or as a season package for $42.99, or in standard definition for $1.99 per episode or $30.99 for the season.

An alternative method for keeping up with the series, is via Amazon, where you can purchase episodes or the entire season in either standard definition ($1.99 per episode or $26.99 for the season) or high definition ($2.99 per episode or $41.99 for the season). Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Amazon still hasn't developed an app for the Apple TV so if you opt for this method, you'd have to stream via AirPlay from your iDevice to your Apple TV. Considering this shortcoming, I'd have to recommend using iTunes and buy the season there, since you wont have to be bothered with streaming from an iDevice, and although TWD on iTunes is slightly more expensive, the price difference is rather negligible.

The most significant set back to watching a show as popular as TWD with either iTunes or Amazon is the fact that it's really hard for the internet to keep a secret. Since new episodes don't become available to watch until the wee hours of Monday mornings—typically around 3:30 a.m. EST—fans of the show need to be especially careful to avoid devastating spoilers. It's far to easy to casually get on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite news feed and be greeted by some rather inconsiderate headline announcing a major plot development of the show. Basically, I avoid the internet entirely between the time the show airs on AMC at 9 p.m. EST and the time it becomes available on Amazon or iTunes, at just after midnight my time.

For the more patient among us, there's always Netflix (Free). For me this isn't an option, since new episodes of TWD typically take several months to make it to this streaming service and by then all of the storyline developments will have been discussed at length online and in fan forums. Nonetheless, it is an option, and one that works just fine for many people that I know.

How To Watch The Walking Dead, Season 7 with Apple TV

It's always interesting for me to reflect upon how powerfully the death of a fictional character in a story can impact us in reality. Sometimes, a story is just so well scripted, and characters become so significant that when they are killed off, there's actually a process of grieving that occurs. I can attest that this was my experience when both Dumbledore and Snape died (Harry Potter references in case you've been living under a rock for the past five years), and I suspect I'll be reaching for the tissues yet again come October 23 when The Walking Dead returns to my Apple TV with season 7 and the bloody, bone-crunching end to a well-established and beloved character.

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