How to Use the Sleep Timer in Your iPhone's Podcast App: iOS 11

I love listening to podcasts on my iPhone, especially before bed. If my insomnia app just isn't lulling me to sleep, I can usually count on one of my favorite podcasts to help smooth over the troubles of the day and help me drift off. There is one issue with this method, though. I tend to wake up and realize that my Podcasts app has been playing all night, and I've missed episodes! What I needed was a sleep timer for my iPhone's Podcasts app, and I was sure there had to be one, but it was not readily apparent at all. Here's how to set a sleep timer in your iPhone's Podcasts app; I've figured it out, so you don't have to!

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It's a bit tricky to locate the sleep timer for podcasts, but once you find it it's simple to use. To begin:

  • Open your Podcasts app, then open the podcast you'd like to go to sleep listening to and tap play.

ios 11 podcast appiphone podcasts sleep timer

  • Slide your finger up from the gray bar at the bottom of the display.
  • This gesture will reveal a new menu; slide your finger up from the bottom of this as well.

how to use podcast sleep timerios 11 podcast app sleep timer

  • Now the Sleep Timer option is revealed; tap on it.
  • Now select the length of time you'd like your podcast to continue playing.

iphone sleep timer for podcastsiphone ios 11 podcast sleep timer

When your sleep timer ends, the podcast will stop playing so you won't miss any content. 

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