Help! Apple Maps Only Works Some of the Time

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Hey Sarah,

I constantly have trouble with Apple Maps. When I click on an address from another application, Apple Maps opens and tells me it cannot connect as I am offline or don't have internet connection. Everything else works fine but this feature.

This is a sporadic problem. Sometimes it works and most times not. I usually just use Google Maps, but I don't know how to change my default map provider.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

I love your videos, tips and podcasts.


Navigate This!


Dear Navigate,

That sounds frustrating! 

First, I recommend going in to Settings and tapping Cellular. There you will find a master list of all your apps and whether they are enabled to use Cellular data or not. Scroll down to Maps and make sure it is toggled on to green.

If the app does have permission to use cellular data and you have checked that you have a working cellular connection, try doing a hard reset of your iPhone: on 6s and older, simultaneously press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake button for about 20 seconds until the iPhone restarts. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, do the same thing but press and hold the Sleep/Wake and down volume button instead.


Thank you for your response. I didn't know about the master list under Cellular. Maps was off! I so appreciate you telling me where to look.


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