Off the Grid SCOTTeVest Jacket Has Pockets for Your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook

I've just walked out of the snow. But I’m nice and warm, because I’m wearing a SCOTTeVEST OTG Jacket ($215). OTG, by the way, stands for Off the Grid. Like all SCOTTeVEST jackets, this one is full of pockets, but of course, the pockets don’t keep me warm (well some of them do in this jacket—more on that later). What keeps me warm is the 100% Nylon quilted fabric and fleece lining. It looks like it's warm, and it is. As the temperatures fall in the Northwest, this has become my go-to jacket. But this is a tech website, you say, why are we talking about a jacket? This jacket is designed to carry all of your devices (including iPhone, iPad, Macbook) and more, for easy travel without a computer bag. 

The OTG Jacket pockets, 29 of them to be exact, include a front pocket that will hold a MacBook Air, and it will look quite sleek until you sit down. There are Clear Touch pockets on the right and left interior that are designed to hold one or two devices with touch screens, such as your iPhone. The clear pockets allow for interactions to take place through the clear plastic.

If you're traveling, this jacket is perfect. The “ripstop” fabric holds up to the grind of travel, while the RFID-blocking pocket thwarts electronic thieves, which means your personal information will be safe while you're on the go. The front pockets are, believe it or not, deep and wide enough to hold a MacBook Air or your iPad. The jacket also contains routing for wired earbuds (and nooks to place them in) via the company's patented Personal Area Network, or PAN.

As a jacket designed for the cold, SCOTTeVEST wins with its nice touches, like the fleece-lined pockets (for putting your hands in) and a fleece-lined neck. Some might want a hood, but they add bulk and often don’t cover one’s head in the right way. The fleece on the neck feels particularly nice when the breeze kicks up.

Unlike many of the SCOTTeVEST designs, the OTG doesn’t include removable sleeves, which is fine for the intended use. This isn’t a windbreaker convertible, rather a tech jacket for the harsher elements. In fact, I would recommend this jacket as much for hikers as for gadget carriers. Complement extra batteries, water, and earbuds with a pocket knife, extra arrow tips, waterproof matches, and a flare—you'll be warm and have your emergency safety gear on-hand. The OTG jacket will help keep your hands free and your back lighter. 


  • Plenty of pockets to carry all your stuff, including tech like the Macbook Air, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Fleece in all the right places.
  • Quilted fabric resists water and tears.
  • Available for men and women. 


  • Some might want a hood.

Final Verdict:

SCOTTeVEST has come up with another winning design that fits into several lifestyle choices. Technology enthusiasts and consumers will enjoy the warm jacket and its myriad of pockets for flash drives, tablets, and even notebook computers. Those who spend more time outside will find plenty of room for their tech and much of what would typically go in a backpack. For either extreme, the OTG jacket makes wearing whatever you’re carry stylish and nearly weightless.

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