Grab This Stylish Wireless Charger for 30% Off

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Wireless charging isn’t exactly new technology. Its existence can be traced back to over a hundred years ago when it was first discovered by no other than Nikola Tesla. Back then, it was used as a transformer circuit that produces high-voltage electricity. But fast forward to the 21st century, the technology has evolved into something called Qi wireless charging, in which people can juice up their smartphones with just a charging pad.

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This activity used to be something that only Android users and Starbucks guests enjoyed. But now that Apple has adopted the tech, it has been catapulted into mainstream status. If you own any of the latest iPhones, or an advanced Android device (Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/Edge, Note 5, LG G4, Nexus 6, Motorola Droid Turbo, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928), you can power up your phone sans the wires with a Qi wireless charger like the Takiso Walnut Qi Charger.

But this sleek-looking charger is more than meets the eye. It boasts of a slew of other features, including:

Minimalist Design

Handcrafted from North American walnut wood, this minimalist charger will blend seamlessly into your living room, bedside table, and workspace, yet it's still compact enough to be lugged around everywhere.

Smart Light

Unlike traditional chargers, this one notifies you when your phone is still charging and when it's finally fully juiced up, so you don't have to check on it from time to time.

Auto Disconnect

This fast-charging pad automatically disconnects your device once it reaches 100% to prevent overcharging and to increase the long-term life of your smartphone.

Surge Protection

It is also equipped with smart technology that provides temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention, all working to prevent your precious smartphone from being damaged.

This stylish wireless charger normally costs $49.99, but iPhone Life readers can pick up the Takiso Walnut Qi Charger now for only $34.99, 30% off the original cost.

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