Get the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat for Better Bedtime Health

If you or your loved one has trouble sleeping soundly, then you should check out the Withings Sleep Tracking mat. With advanced tracking for sleep disturbances like snoring, sleep depth, and interruptions, you'll get to know your sleep schedule well enough to make the necessary changes for a better night's sleep. Read on to learn how the Sleep Tracking Mat from Withings can improve your bed-time health.

Snoring isn’t the only breathing disturbance that we experience at night. Even light sleep apnea can cause minor disruptions that jolt you from a deep sleep. If you’re feeling lethargic during the day, despite having had 8 hours of sleep, chances are good you’re waking up just enough to interrupt your sleep cycle, even if you aren’t aware it’s happening. Sleep apnea is a common cause of this type of disturbance with different levels of severity and multiple possible causes.

The Withings Sleep Mat will help you narrow down your sleep patterns, and the accompanying app is there to provide the feedback and insights you need to make changes. You’ll get great advice on lifestyle habits that might be affecting your sleep and the help to make those changes. The Sleep Tracking Mat can act as an automatic switch for turning your lights on or off as well as setting your thermostat to the ideal sleeping temperature. 

Best of all, you don’t have to wear a face mask or hook electrodes up to your head to use the Sleep Tracking Mat. Just set up the device and slip it under your mattress. In the morning, you’ll find all the relevant data waiting for you in the app. The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is available now. Pick yours up today and start sleeping better tomorrow.

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